105 ° front wide-angle dual camera shoots New Year's taste Huawei nova6 5G makes happiness very different

The approaching of the Spring Festival has made young people look forward to the taste of the year. It is a bowl of dumplings for the mother and a small glass of wine for the father. The rare gathering made us want to record and share this joy and happiness. The annual family portrait has become the most important thing for parents.

The light is too dark, and the self-timer range is too small. What should I do? That is, you do not own a Huawei nova6 5G equipped with a 105 ° front wide-angle dual camera, which will make you stand out in the Chinese New Year Friendship Family Portrait Competition!

The powerful self-timer function of this phone allows you to never have to go to the photo studio again, you are a photographer, and you can shoot the exclusive masterpiece of 2020.

Throw away the selfie stick and pack more joy at once

Open meal! Take a picture of the family and show the delicious taste of the whole family, but at this time I found that the hand is too short, what should I do if I forget the selfie stick? Huawei nova6 5G supports 105 ° ultra-wide-angle selfies, which can accommodate a wider format. Party selfies no longer have to worry about not being able to fit everyone, throw away the selfie stick, and put more joy at once!

Huawei nova6 5G 105 ° ultra wide angle selfie proofs

At the same time, advanced portrait segmentation technology solves the problem of distortion caused by wide-angle lenses. When travelling to check in, you can also take photos with more scenery to achieve self-timer effects with excellent scenery. In addition, beauty, layering, blurring, nova6 5G with ultra-high self-timer strength can help you get it all, you don't need to modify the picture in one photo!

Of course, in addition to New Year's Eve and family portraits, 105 ° ultra-wide-angle selfies can also bring you more selfie inspiration during the Spring Festival. If you're afraid of too many people going out to visit a temple fair or watch a movie, just call your family or friends and take a selfie together in the current immersive art exhibition, leaving romantic and wonderful memories. For example, recently, the theme day of the "nova dream weaving salon" Hepburn exhibition held in Shanghai for the Huawei nova6 series, many young people are visiting the immersive exhibition while recording the 105 ° ultra-wide-angle selfie of Huawei nova6 series in their hands. The wonderful moment of the moment, I felt a very different immersive selfie experience. The various installations and works in the exhibition have become the best wide-angle selfie points, perfectly incorporating the nova6 5G's front 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens, and the selfie effect is comparable to a fashion movie.

More selfie surprises, there is my nova6 5G

Let's blast together for the new year! Don't be black when taking pictures ~ Don't worry, Huawei nova6 5G supports portrait super night scene 2.0 mode, advanced image noise reduction technology and AI automatic startup function. Even at night, as long as a firework star lights up, the entire self-timer screen can be illuminated. Night shooting is not a problem. No selfie is more professional than you!

Huawei nova6 5G front portrait super night scene 2.0 mode shooting

In addition, Huawei nova6 5G also has a front auto-focus function, which makes your face the focus of the photo no matter how far away, the beauty of the world is less than a moment's focus; front 4K quality video recording, With advanced AI beauty algorithm and 32-megapixel auto-focus lens, it is easy to shoot short videos and vlog works with clear images and beautiful portraits.

With the above powerful selfie strength, Huawei nova6 5G has been recognized by the industry as a professional evaluation agency. New year new weather, show off a wave with nova6 5G to see who shoots better.

Huawei Nova6 5G front 32 million autofocus function shooting

Full Netcom 5G and flagship performance, let you now have

Your selfie photos were praised by many friends, making them envious and asking, "Such a good mobile phone is still 5G, should it be expensive? My iPhone is six or seven thousand, or 4G."

From 3799 yuan (USD $543) ! That's right, this is the price of Huawei nova6 5G, half the price of the iPhone, but with so many very different technologies! SA / NSA dual-mode 5G, six-band full Netcom, real dual-card smooth switching; Kirin 990 new flagship chip, 7nm process technology, 16-core Mali-G76 GPU, one step ahead of the game, who is afraid of the black? Together with the large 4200mAh battery and 40W Huawei super fast charge, you can leave the charging treasure and play for a whole day at ease;

Huawei nova6 5G is not only your mobile phone, but also your good helper for the new year. Start with a Huawei nova6 5G now to make your Spring Festival more exciting. The Huawei nova6 series is selling on all platforms online and offline. Among them, Huawei nova6 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3199 yuan (USD $457) ; Huawei nova6 5G 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3799 yuan (USD $543) ; 8GB + 256GB version is priced at 4199 yuan (USD $600) .