120 million, according to the news, Huawei sent a big order to MediaTek for chip purchase

According to today’s semiconductor industry news, Huawei not only signed a letter of intent with Qualcomm, but also placed a large order for chips from MediaTek, which will purchase more than 120 million chips from the latter.

Due to the interference from the United States, TSMC has been unable to produce Hisilicon chips for Huawei. According to previous news, Huawei’s stock of Hisilicon 1020 processors should be only about 8 million, while the sales of Huawei’s P50 / mate 40 series should exceed 20 million. In addition to other products, this processor is definitely not enough. Therefore, Huawei should start to adopt the dual processor solution in the mate40 series.

According to the current disclosure, Huawei mate40 series should use Hisilicon 1020 processor in BOC version, and chips from Qualcomm, MediaTek and even Samsung will be used in overseas version. However, according to the sales volume in the past two years, Huawei’s mobile phone shipment volume next year should be maintained at about 180 million. Then, the 120 million orders of MediaTek can cover about 2 / 3 of the total shipment volume, which is much higher than that of Qualcomm.

At present, the chief financial officer and spokesperson of MediaTek said that “according to the company’s policy, we do not comment on single customer related information”, and Huawei did not reply to this news. But Huawei’s widespread use of chips from MediaTek in smartphones launched in recent months seems to indirectly prove the truth of the news.