120Hz coming: Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S officially released

On the afternoon of July 31, black shark technology held a new product launch with the theme of “super speed” online, and Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S, which was highly anticipated by players, was officially released. Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is a new 5g game mobile phone that black shark technology and Tencent game have created for the players. This new product adopts a Samsung AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch reporting rate of 270Hz. At the same time, it also creates a new joyui 12 operating system, which will bring more excellent game experience for the majority of mobile game players.

At the conference, Tencent announced that it would build a “hundred million yuan subsidy program” and would cooperate with black shark technology for the first time. During the event, all users who purchase Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S can download the mobile game “dungeon and warrior” through the mobile phone application market on August 12 and activate their account number to participate in snatching the activity qualification. Qualified users can get 300 yuan (USD $43) of wechat red packet cash back benefits by completing the specified tasks. There are 10000 places in this activity, first come, first served!

In terms of price, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S has two colors of sky cloud black and crystal blue and two storage versions. The price of 12gb + 128GB version is 3999 yuan (USD $571) , that of 12gb + 256gb is 4299 yuan (USD $614) , and that of 12gb + 512gb is 4799 yuan (USD $686) .

Global 120Hz high refresh rate, 270Hz touch point reporting rate screen to create the strongest E-sports screen

From a professional player’s point of view, there is no doubt that the expected value of a game phone carried by the & quo; screen & nbsp; screen refresh rate, as an important parameter in the display field of e-games, largely determines the visual experience and control experience of the game. It is obvious to all that high refresh rate display can improve the game experience on PC platform, especially FPS, MoBa and other competitive games. This time, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is equipped with a 6.67 inch Samsung AMOLED screen, the screen refresh rate is as high as 120Hz, and the touch point reporting rate is as high as 270Hz.

In order to bring a better experience to the high refresh rate screen, the black shark R & D team took the lead in launching the game frame rate synchronization technology, which can better avoid the mismatch of multiple refresh rates, and realize the perfect match of game and mobile phone frame rate through intelligent analysis of the scene. At the same time, with the support of Tencent solarcore 3.0 game engine, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S can schedule the software system and underlying hardware resources of the mobile phone in real time, so as to better meet the smooth and stable operation of the game, give full play to the advantages of 120Hz high refresh rate video game screen, and bring more pleasant game experience for players.

At the same time, with the cooperation efforts of black shark and domestic major game content manufacturers, more than ten major works have completed high frame rate optimization. As of the day of the press conference, famous mobile game masterpieces including QQ flying car, CFM, ACE warrior, under one person, xinxiaoao lake, new magic land, Dragon Fantasy, running kart official racing version, zero boundary trace, peak warship, peak tank, peace elite, king of hunter, Naruto, Tianyu, ghost cry, Kaji exploration team and other well-known mobile game masterpieces have all unlocked 120Hz and 90hz high frame rate mode There will also be more mainstream works such as kart running to open high frame rate mode, so that players can enjoy a smooth and delicate game experience.

Black shark is the first game phone manufacturer in the world to adopt the MEMC intelligent motion insertion frame compensation technology. This time, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S still carries the independent image processing chip provided by Pixelworks, a top image display chip manufacturer in the United States MEMC intelligent frame insertion 3.0 function supports up to 120Hz video frame insertion, which can provide ultra smooth viewing experience for video, live broadcast and other use scenarios. At the same time, it also supports Tencent video, bilibilibili, Youku, iqiyi and other video app bullet screen video dual channel insertion frame compensation technology, which maximizes the use scene of this 120Hz video game screen, providing users with a very delicate and silky visual experience in the whole scene.

While ensuring a high refresh rate, game control performance has always been the most important product experience of black shark game phones. The 270Hz screen multi touch sampling rate and more detailed touch bottom optimization further shorten the touch response time of Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S. The delay of single touch is as low as 17ms, 30% higher than that of the previous generation, which is far beyond other brands in the industry. At the same time, the new machine also provides more personalized touch parameter customization options for high-end players, including fine touch parameters such as sensitivity, heel chirality, edge anti-touch, etc., to meet the touch adjustment needs of different players.

While achieving high refresh rate and high sampling rate, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S also pays attention to the protection of players’ eyesight. The industry’s first unique DC dimming technology solves the stroboscopic problem of OLED screen under low brightness conditions. Trueview screen color intelligent adjustment can automatically adjust the screen color temperature according to the ambient light, and supports 10bit color depth display, and has passed the hdr10 + certification, In the display effect has excellent performance, let the player play the game freely, at the same time, minimize the burden on the eyes.

Reconstruction of ultimate aesthetics, hard core ID design shows the sense of speed

Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S adopts the design concept of “harder core, more future and faster”, and integrates the X elements with the meaning of “power” and “unknown” into the back of the mobile phone. The black shark eye in the middle gives the whole machine a stronger visual impact. At the same time, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S has two different color choices for players: sky black and crystal blue. The newly designed back shell texture will bring different visual experience to players.

Different from the common mobile phone appearance design on the market, Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S adopts an absolutely symmetrical design scheme, which not only makes & quo; symmetry Aesthetics & quo; The core function triangle area based on x design is the unique experience of combining function with aesthetics, appearance and practicality by gathering x power in the highest point area and the most important mobile phone function area.

In the core triangle area of Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S, a powerful AI intelligent three camera system is set up, The three cameras are the main lens of 64 million pixels, ultra wide angle lens of 12 million pixels and 5 million pixels of portrait lens, and support professional raw format super night scene, wide-angle deformation prevention and correction, portrait mode, panoramic mode, short video mode, professional mode and other basic camera functions, fully meeting the daily shooting use of players.

Ultimate performance, three-dimensional liquid cooling with no fear of high temperature

Flagship performance iron triangle is naturally the foundation of game phones. Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship SOC snapdragon 865 processor, and uses the Qualcomm & reg; kryo & Trade; architecture, which improves CPU performance by 25% and GPU rendering performance by 25%. At the same time, with the support of the fifth generation AI engine core of Qualcomm, the AI computing power is increased by 100%, which will bring more extreme game performance to Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S.

Ultimate performance has always been the product concept of black shark. This time, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is equipped with ufs3.1 high-speed flash memory as standard. It supports turbo write, deep sleep and HPB features, which brings stable high-speed writing speed with ultra-low power consumption. The fastest sequential write speed can reach 800MB / s, which is more than 80% higher than ufs2.1. At the same time, the full series of Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is equipped with 12g lpddr5 memory as standard. Compared with lpdd4x raw, the read-write bandwidth is increased by nearly 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by nearly 20%. Supported by the performance iron triangle, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S will bring more powerful performance to users.

Strong performance is bound to bring high power consumption and heating. Without excellent heat dissipation as a guarantee, no matter how strong the performance will be subject to the bottleneck limitation brought by high temperature frequency reduction. As the first mobile phone manufacturer to put forward the concept of liquid cooling, black shark technology has been leading the development of mobile phone liquid cooling technology. This time, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S has adopted a unique & quot; sandwich & amp; quot; liquid cooling cooling cooling system. The two heat pipes directly touch the heat source of the main board on both sides, and the 360 & deg; outward heat conduction can quickly export the heat when the mobile phone is in full operation.

The new “sandwich” liquid cooling system has increased the heat dissipation area of key heat sources by 100% and the cooling capacity by 50%. In addition, Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S adopts the design of central axis type main board heat dissipation structure, which places the main board in the center of the mobile phone. At the same time, the key heat sources such as CPU module, 5g module and charging chipset are distributed and isolated. The heat source distribution distance is increased by 2 times, so that the mobile phone is evenly cooled, and the heat source is far away from the hand holding area when players hold the game horizontally, which ensures efficient heat dissipation at the same time The game feel of the player.

Screen pressure, voice control, body sense control create a new multi-dimensional game control 2.0

Black Shark technology, as a pioneer in the domestic mobile game market, introduced the very popular somatosensory control of the host platform in Tencent Black Shark game mobile 3S for the first time, which is another industry innovation after voice control. The somatosensory control function of Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S supports six kinds of somatosensory gestures, including left / right flip, front / back flip and left up / right tilt. Players can customize somatosensory mapping through their own understanding of the game and manipulation habits, which makes it easier to translate the player’s intention into game operation, and greatly improves the player’s immersion in the game.

Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S continues the popular dual area screen pressure sensing function. By setting two pressure control events in the game scene, the double fingers can realize four finger operation depending on different pressures. For example, in peace elite, Tencent’s Black Shark game phone 3S can map the shooting and opening buttons in the game through the dual area screen pressure sensing function, so as to help the players aim and shoot more smoothly and win the championship easily.

Dual zone pressure and body sense control bring players a more accurate and faster control experience, while voice control is an auxiliary control tool. This time, the voice recognition engine of Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S has been comprehensively upgraded, which not only further improves the accuracy of speech recognition, but also greatly reduces the recognition delay. At the same time, the number of concurrent voice words is increased by 2 times, and the user-defined voice vocabulary is supported.

In addition, the voice control function also adds shortcut operations such as video capture, screen recording, call answering and ending, volume and brightness adjustment, which further enhances the fast voice interaction function of VUI in the game scene.

4720mah high capacity Dual Battery + 65W flash charging, creating a new experience of ultra long service life

In order to let mobile game players no longer be troubled by power anxiety, Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S adopts a series charging and discharging charging scheme, and is equipped with a 4720mah high-capacity dual battery, which can effectively increase the battery life, and the equivalent increase of battery capacity is about 300mAh, which can effectively guarantee the game life of players. With the fast charging scheme of series charging and discharging dual batteries initiated by black shark industry, it can dynamically switch the dual batteries into series mode, bringing 65W flash charging experience. In the non charging state, the dynamic switching of dual batteries into parallel mode ensures the stability and power consumption of dual batteries during discharge.

According to the actual measurement, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S King Honor can last as long as 7 hours. With the overall optimization of the mobile phone system, it can surpass the 5000 MAH capacity of a friend brand by 1.8 hours. When the 65W charging adapter in the package is used for charging, the flash charging effect can be achieved. It only takes 12 minutes for 0-50% power, 85% for 24 minutes, and 38 minutes for full charge.

Born for the game, professional customized game operating system joyui 12

Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is positioned in the flagship fever game phone, and its daily operation has not let players down. The joyui 12 operating system based on MIUI 12 in-depth customization includes a series of basic experience optimization, such as the dynamic effect and synaesthesia visual design of grapefruit light cone, super wallpaper, privacy protection, and intimate small functions.

Joyui 12 has brought a lot of intimate game auxiliary functions, providing a better game experience for the majority of players. The newly upgraded play screen casting function is connected to the computer through USB cable, which can realize the function of displaying mobile phone screen on PC computer, and support players to use the keyboard and mouse of PC to complete the game control of mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the independent display chip carried by Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S, joyui 12 allows players to customize the picture effect in the game, including parameters such as hue, saturation, contrast, sharpness and dark enhancement. For some games, such as “peace elite” joyui 12, a group of hunting mode display parameters are carefully adjusted to effectively enhance the display effect in the game, help players quickly discover Voldemort and win the fighter plane one step ahead.

In addition, further optimization for the game window function is also a big bright spot, joyui The game window of 12 displays the game or application in the form of floating ball, which can reduce the visual interference of the small window to the foreground application. At the same time, the game or application is still running in the background at the same time. During the waiting time of the game, players can watch the video or other applications in full screen. With the foreground reminder function of black shark’s deep cooperation with game software, the game’s death and resurrection information will be notified To remind players in the form of, effectively avoid players missing the key information of the game into combat.

In addition, there are a series of practical game functions, such as positive lighting effect, custom gyroscope, game macro, bullet screen notification, black shark moment and so on, so as to really play the game well and have fun.

Dual mode 5g + dual band wi-fi6 multi channel game

As the basis of mobile game experience, network signal has a crucial impact on the actual game experience of players. Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S is optimized from the bottom design, and the X + X 5g antenna architecture is created for the game horizontal grip scene to ensure the signal quality of 4G, 5g and WiFi antennas, so as to achieve the best network signal quality of the game. Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S supports SA / NSA dual-mode network, with full band coverage of three operators.

In terms of WiFi module, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S dual band Wi Fi 6 supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band. Through OFDMA + MU-MIMO technology, under multi device connection, the delay is reduced by 75% compared with Wi Fi 5, and the speed is increased by more than 100% compared with Wi Fi 5.

Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is another brand-new product created by black shark technology and Tencent game. After constant adjustment and calibration by both sides, this new product will bring more outstanding game experience for the majority of mobile game players. At present, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S full model pre-sale has been officially opened, the price of 12gb + 128GB is 3999 yuan (USD $571) , the price of 12gb + 256gb is 4299 yuan (USD $614) , and the price of 12gb + 512gb is 4799 yuan (USD $686) . Users who buy during the pre-sale period can get extra gift of black shark fast charging digital earphone. On August 4, it will be officially sold in Blackshark mall, Xiaomi mall, Jingdong Mall and other e-commerce platforms.