120Hz high refresh rate screen blessing 5G network new iPhone 12 information big news

The annual Apple Autumn Conference is coming next month. It is known as the “Spring Festival Gala in the Science and Technology Circle” and has attracted the attention of many consumers. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 12 series will meet everyone. Although there is still a month or so before the launch of the conference, there are many conjectures and revelations about the iPhone 12 series information. Some are not reliable. Today we will summarize the information and guess the iPhone 12 series. What does it look like?

Let me talk about the nails

Apple’s annual new product launch conference in the fall must upgrade the chip and system. The iPhone 12 series will be equipped with a new A14 chip, and the system will also be upgraded to iOS 14.

According to the famous circuit manufacturer TSMC, the A14 chip will use an advanced 5nm process. For mobile phone chips, the fewer the number of processes, the more internal transistors can be installed, and the more powerful the performance. The news broke that compared with the A13 chip, the A14 bionic energy efficiency ratio increased by 30%, which would increase the mobile phone’s operating speed by 15%, the CPU computing performance by 40%, and the GPU processing capacity by 50%. Nowadays, most of the mobile phones on the market use 7nm chips. If the A14 chip creates a precedent for 5nm, it will surely trigger a new “bloody storm” in the field of mobile phones.

Apple has held a WWDC developer conference in June this year and released the iOS 14 operating system. This is also the biggest interface change since the iOS system adopted a flat UI. The biggest change is that small components can be installed on the main screen, making it easier to perform quick operations and browse important information. In addition, it can automatically organize the APP database, support picture-in-picture display, and the phone and Siri interface have also been redesigned.

Appearance: Back to the right-angled side of the iPhone 5S?

Renderings of the iPhone 12 series have been revealed on the Internet, and the iPhone 12 series may use a right-angle frame like the 5S. As we all know, the relatively rounded borders of the current iPhone series have been continued from the iPhone 6 series. This style has been used for six years since 2014. However, there is news that the iPhone 12 series may use a right-angle frame like the iPhone 5S. In the past six years, rounded borders have become the new mainstream of development. Not only has the iPhone series continued for many generations, but the Android camp has also followed suit. The rounded borders have also shown their own unique advantages, enabling many new technologies to be realized. In the past six years, mobile phones with rounded borders have improved in terms of grip, control, and screen-to-body ratio.

On the other hand, mobile phones with right-angle frames have appeared in the past few years, but they have only been short-lived and have become historical episodes. So, can the iPhone 12 series implement new black technology on the right-angle frame? Or just to differentiate it from the current Android camp? We will understand only when we see the real machine.

The first iPhone that supports 5G networks may be coming

2019 is the first year for major manufacturers to release 5G mobile phones, and when the iPhone 11 series was released at that time, Cook did not catch up with the popularity of 5G on the grounds of immature technology. On the other hand, in the Android camp, whether it is a flagship machine in the high-end market or a thousand-yuan machine that focuses on cost performance, you can know the 5G model that suits you. Compared with 4G networks, 5G networks have very obvious advantages in speed and latency. If the iPhone 12 series does not keep up, I am afraid that its competitiveness will be greatly reduced.

One of the most important reasons why the iPhone that supports 5G networks has not arrived is that the baseband problem has not been resolved. In fact, Apple wanted to develop its own baseband business for a long time, but it failed. In the background, through the acquisition of Intel’s baseband business, the results are not very obvious. Therefore, only a baseband purchase agreement can be signed with Qualcomm to support 5G networks. The iPhone 12 series is likely to use the A14 chip + Qualcomm X55 baseband + Apple wireless module, but this puts a new test on the stability of the 5G network.

alert! iPhone 12 series battery may shrink

With the progress of mobile phone performance, screen, network and other aspects in recent years, it has also promoted the enhancement of mobile phone endurance. In recent years, the battery power of mobile phones has also been increasing, and the power of 4000mAh can be seen everywhere, and more than 5000mAh. The battery life has never been the strength of the iPhone, and foreign media have even reported that the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 has dropped by 883mAh, the iPhone12 Pro has lost 231mAh, and the iPhone12 Pro Max has lost 282mAh. The overall shrinkage is about 30%! Apple explained that it has lower power consumption with 5nm chips. But the faster speeds of 5G networks will also increase the power consumption of mobile phones. Under the current development trend, the shrinkage of the battery of the new model may be a bit unreasonable.

The charging head of the iPhone12 series has been upgraded slightly, from 18W to 20W. The 40W and 50W charging heads of the Android camp can be seen everywhere, and the upgrade of the iPhone12 series is obviously a drop in the bucket. Regardless of the capacity of the rechargeable battery or the charging power, it cannot meet the needs of heavy users of mobile phones.

Whether the screen supports 120Hz is not sure

High refresh rate screens are also the development trend of mobile phones in the past two years. 90Hz or 120Hz can be seen everywhere, and some professional gaming phones have even risen to 144Hz. Recently, foreign video bloggers broke the news that the pre-production machine of iPhone 12 Pro Max can enable adaptive refresh rate in the video settings page.

The high refresh screen is good news for many consumers, but considering the iPhone 12 series supports 5 networks and shrinking batteries, it may have a serious impact on the battery life of the phone. In addition, whether the high-refresh screen is brand new or only exists in the flagship model, we don’t know. There is also news that the iPhone12 series is implemented through software algorithms, rather than native hardware support.

The price, camera, and capacity basically maintain the previous specifications

Consumers may be most concerned about the price. The new iPhone 12 series is basically the same as the previous price. The iPhone 12 starts at US$699 to US$749, and the Phone 12 Pro is between US$1,049 and US$1,099. In addition, it is very possible to add an iPhone 12 Max model.

In terms of cameras, the iPhone 12 uses a rear two-camera, and the iPhone 12 Max uses a rear three-camera with 12 million pixels, which is basically the same as the Phone 11 series. In addition, the capacity of iPhone12 is still starting at 64GB, with a maximum capacity of 512GB.

Some reliable information about iPhone 12 is here

The above is some information about the iPhone 12 series revealed by some foreign media or the public. There should be no doubt that the iPhone 12 series is equipped with new products and systems, and it is very likely to support 5G networks. We still need to raise a question mark as to whether there is a major change in the appearance of the new model. At the same time, we also hope that the iPhone 12 series will not shrink the battery. If the screen supports a high refresh rate under the premise of having a long enough battery life, it will be a better thing.