120Hz screen can only use 60Hz mode? Apple was wronged this time

At this important moment when the 120Hz refresh rate screen is popular, whether the iPhone 12 can be equipped with a high refresh rate screen has become a top priority for the machine circle. The initial exposure showed that the iPhone 12 series of medium cups, large cups, and super large cups will all support high brushes, but subsequent exposures said that in order to take into account battery life, the iPhone 12 series does not have high brushes.

However, a few days ago, the iOS 14 code exposed the refresh rate option. Ross Young, the person in charge of the screen supply chain, also said that Apple has obtained a 120Hz refresh rate screen panel. All signs have just ignited the hope of high-refresh screens for Apple fans, but the recent news of Ross Young has brought Apple fans to the bottom.

He said that the iPhone 12 series can indeed get a 120Hz panel, but failed to find a suitable 120Hz driver IC. If you want to wait for the driver IC, you must postpone the release, but Apple is obviously unwilling to postpone the release, which means that some models of the iPhone 12 series may support 120Hz refresh rate on the screen, but they can only run in 60Hz mode.

It can also be seen from this that Apple still hopes to introduce a 120Hz refresh rate, but due to various reasons, it has to give up 120Hz. Because it does not support high-swipe, relying only on the animation effects of iOS, the smoothness may be difficult to compare with the Android flagship. So as a consumer, do you want Apple to release the 60Hz iPhone 12 on time? Or do you hope that Apple will postpone the release of the 120Hz iPhone 12?