14nm i9-11900KF baking machine: water cooling goes straight to 98 degrees, 250 watts

Intel will officially release the Rocket Lake 11th generation desktop Core processor in March, with a brand-new CPU/GPU architecture and various new technical features. The only regret is that the 14nm process will continue, which will directly lead to poor control of power consumption and heating , It can only have 8 cores at most, 2 less than now.

The flagship model of Rocket Lake’s 11th generation is i9-11900K, and there is also a non-core display version i9-11900KF, both of which are 8 cores and 16 threads. Design power consumption is 125W.

The netizen “Enthusiastic Citizen Stroke Monster” from the ChipHell forum got an i9-11900KF with an ASRock Z590 Steel Legend Wi-Fi 6E motherboard, a 360mm integrated water-cooled radiator, and tested the AIDA64 FPU baking machine. The results are not acceptable. optimism.

At the 4.8GHz full-core acceleration frequency, the temperature of the i9-11900KF baking machine reaches 98 degrees, and the power consumption is 250.83 watts, which is equivalent to twice the thermal design power consumption (of course, this comparison is not strict).

In the baking machine, according to HWiNFO’s detection, the core voltage is also 1.325V (CPU-Z recognition error).

It is still unclear whether the reason for such high temperature and high power consumption is whether the processor is too poor, or the motherboard BIOS is not optimized, or the new AVX-512F instruction set, but in any case, the temperature and power consumption of this generation must be careful .