199 yuan (USD $28) ! Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding wild animal fascia gun: mini retro, available everywhere

Recently, a “relaxing artifact” has become popular in the fitness circle. It is the “fascia gun”, which is an essential product for relaxation after exercise. In addition to relieving fatigue after high-intensity exercise, the fascia gun can relax muscles, reduce pain, and give muscles a sufficient rest time.

On February 23, Xiaomi Youpin’s crowdfunding page launched a wild animal portable fascia gun, with the concept of exploring a new style of female life in the workplace, featuring long battery life, low noise, mini portability, and multiple modes can be switched! From the crowdfunding page, we can find that the retail price of this fascia gun is 399 yuan (USD $57) , and the crowdfunding price is only 199 yuan (USD $28) .

Retro style design, compact and easy to carry

In the uniform shape of the fascia gun design, the retro and cute appearance is easier to stand out. The Wild Beast portable fascia gun is not a conventional single dark design, but a more youthful and beautiful three-color design of Wizard Green, Cardamom Powder, and Island Blue, which makes it more visually fresh and adopts The piano paint process makes it not only good-looking, but also has a gentle and smooth delicate feel.

Simply put, the retro style design combined with the piano paint process is a very important point to reflect the beauty of the fascia gun, and it is also the reason why it is well received. Even if you use the fascia gun in the office, you can inadvertently show your personality as a working woman.

Professional noise reduction, creating a relaxing artifact for women

The motor speed of 3000 rpm, with a total of 3 modes of gentle, standard and strong, can meet the needs of daily work and life massage. At the same time, the professional noise reduction design is adopted to reduce the operating noise ≤45DB, so that you can quietly please yourself in the office.

In addition, it is equipped with 4 bionic finger massage heads, spherical head, double fork head, bullet head and mushroom head, to meet different massage needs.

In terms of packaging design, the wild animal design team created a retro exquisite gift box set, which is convenient for giving away to others; the appearance design is about the size of the palm of your hand, and you can put it in a small bag when you go out. You can take it and use it wherever you are. In addition, Type -C fast charging interface can be easily connected to mobile power supply and car charging.

Netizens who like to exercise or sit in the office for a long time, do you also lack such a relaxing artifact? You can go to the crowdfunding section of Xiaomi Youpin to learn more about it. The style is retro and colorful, and the function meets the basic configuration of the fascia gun. The crowdfunding price is 199 yuan (USD $28) .

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