200% surging volume with 256GB large memory vivo Y53s benefits are on sale

Recently, the vivo Y series has updated its series of products and launched a new product, the vivo Y53s, which continues the good-looking and practical characteristics of the Y series. The vivo Y53s is equipped with a maximum of 256GB of large memory and a large 5000mAh battery. For students who like to download cached movies and chase dramas, This time it should make you enjoy it all at once.

vivo Y53s is available in three color versions: iridescent, sea salt, and starry night. The iridescent color back cover has a rainbow-like soft halo as a whole, and sea salt embeds more than a million flash points in the diaphragm. The flashing light dots are like the stars reflected by sea salt under the sun, and the starry night is The enhanced version of the classic black texture, the three colors have their own characteristics.

On the front of the phone, the vivo Y53s is equipped with a 6.58-inch 90Hz high-swipe screen, a screen resolution of FHD+ level, supports a 180Hz touch sampling rate, uses incell full-fit technology, and is unlocked with a side fingerprint. The unlocking position is moderate. Convenient to complete unlocking.

Matching with the screen is the customized speaker of the vivo Y53s, which can bring a surging hearing of up to 200% volume, up to 94dB, with 17 levels of fine tuning and Super Audio 2.0 self-developed sound effects. The body feel is very good, with high refreshing screen and large memory, it is enough to become an audio-visual artifact in your hands.

In terms of images, the vivo Y53s has a 6400W pixel ultra-clear dual camera on the rear, which can capture moving pictures in bright or dark environments. With the front 800W pixel Selfie lens, the front/rear super night scene can let you at night You will not miss the beautiful scenery.

During the 618 period, the vivo Y53s has been fully launched. The new products will also be available for 12 interest-free installments and a wealth of gifts including earphones. There are currently 1500-120 coupons available. The actual starting price starts at 1679 yuan (USD $240) . Don’t miss it, classmates.