2019 Japan's smartphone market rankings: No surprise in the championship, Sony is surprising

News on March 17, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese smartphone market ranking has come out in 2019. Apple ranks first with 46.2% market share, Sharp ranks second with 13.6% share, and Samsung ranks 8.0% 'S share ranked third, while Sony dropped from third to fifth, and Kyocera still ranked fourth.

It is reported that from the perspective of Japan's latest market share, the most popular mobile phone brand is still Apple, and is far ahead, more than three times the second-ranked Sharp. As a Japanese mobile phone manufacturer, Sharp has reorganized its mobile phone business after Hon Hai's acquisition, and its market share is steadily increasing.

Japan's smartphone shipments have not seen a significant increase in 2019. Apple, Sony, Sharp, and other mobile phone manufacturers have experienced varying degrees of decline in shipments, but Samsung has grown against the trend, with a market share of 7.4 in 2018. % Rose to 8.0%, surpassing Kyocera and Sony. According to the report, Samsung has seen a significant increase in shipments in both the high-end and low-end markets in Japan.

Sony dropped two places from third place, which is really a bit surprising. What do you think of this list? Comments are welcome.