2021 Alipay "Set Five Fortunes" Strategy: A variety of hidden gameplay, you can scan ten more lucky cards

With a “pop”, in a blink of an eye it was the annual Alipay Collection Wufu event. This year’s Alipay Collection Wufu event will start at 0:00 on February 1 and end on February 11, 2021. The official draw will be at 22:00 on the evening of February 11. It is worth mentioning that this year’s Jifu seems to have a lot of new ways to play. If you want to quickly collect the five good luck, you might as well take a look at the following guides.

Conventional gameplay:

This year’s Alipay Collection Wufu event mainly includes four links:

1. AR sweeping blessings (starting on February 1).

Click the “Scan” function of Alipay, find the “AR” entry, and then align the scan code box with the word “Fu” to scan out the lucky card.

2. Write blessing (starting on February 1).

Directly search for “write blessing character” in Alipay, click in and copy according to the tutorial, and then “receive my handwritten blessing card” to have a chance to get a blessing card. At the same time, you can also save the copied Fuka as a wallpaper. If you write it early enough, the first 500,000 “Fu” characters every day can be printed and sent to your home.

3. Ant Forest (starting on February 4).

Collect energy in the Ant Forest, click on the “Fu Balloon” to have a chance to get a Fu card.

4. Baba Farm (starting on February 7).

There is a chance to get Foca directly by fertilizing the farm.

(Left: Ant Forest, Right: Baba Farm)

Hidden play:

Let’s talk about hidden Foca Raiders.

1. Wei Ya, who scans picture one, has a chance to get a blessing. Scan the second picture for a chance to get a dip card.

2. Scan the following three logos, there is also a high chance of getting a Fuka.

3. The logo below can also be scanned, but it depends on luck.

In addition, follow the methods below to get a chance to get Fuka.

4. Search for consumer coupons, and then flop to draw lucky cards.

5. Alipay searches for “Didi, Mengniu, KFC, McDonald’s, FAW-Volkswagen, Intime, Joy City, Aegean Sea, Galaxy, Sand Boat Outlet, and Via” to get extra chances to gather fortune.

6. Alipay searches for “merchant services” and completes the paper-cutting task to get a chance to get a dip card or universal card.

7. Go to the popular activities on the Xianyu App homepage and have a surprise.

8. On the homepage of NetEase Cloud Music, listen to Zhou Shen’s “Wang”.

9. Go to the homepage of Cainiao Baobao App.

10. Koala App-My Koala-Koala Paradise, the five blessings on the right.

You can also try the following strategies.

To be honest, the difficulty of collecting the Five Goods this year has been reduced a lot, and of course the hardest part is dedication. You can use Wan Neng Blessing or Dip Card to try with friends who have dedication. It will be much simpler.

The above is all the guides about Alipay’s Wufu activities. If you are interested, please try it out.