2021 flagship product is coming, Honor 50 series are on sale today

On June 25th, Honor 50 series new products were officially launched in Honor Mall, major authorized e-commerce, Honor experience stores, and authorized retail stores, starting at RMB 2,699 for Honor 50 and RMB 3,699 for Honor 50 Pro.

The first pin 1 minute sales break 500 million in 2021’s first explosion struck goods

On June 16th, Honor held the Honor 50 series new product launch conference at Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. It officially released many new products including Honor 50 series and Honor Earbuds 2 SE, and officially announced the new generation of actor Gong Jun as Honor 50. Series spokesperson.

At the same time as the press conference was held, many fans have gathered in the Honor Experience Store to watch the press conference and experience the new Honor 50 series products, and many consumers directly booked the new products on the spot. After the press conference, the Honor 50 series won the 2.5-3K price range sales champion on the entire online platform within 2.5 hours of pre-sale.

On June 25, the first sale of the Honor 50 series just started for one minute, and the sales broke 500 million yuan. The popularity and strength of the product can be seen.

External shine, there are inherent material, the Honor of 50’s first “one-stop Vlog”

The Honor 50 series continues the aesthetic design benchmarking of the Honor Digital flagship mobile phone. The color matching of the first snow crystal adopts a new diamond color process, double-film double-plating double-grain processing, and double-layer diaphragms in the plane to create a better depth of field effect. As the angle of light changes, you can see countless shining stars, like the reflection of sunlight on the snowy field during the first snow, shining like crystals. At the same time, in the design of the back, the Honor 50 series added design elements similar to the ring of the luxury brand on the periphery of the ring above the back camera, highlighting the existence of the main camera, balancing technology and beauty, and highly recognizable.

In addition to appearance, the image capabilities of the Honor 50 series are also outstanding. For the first time, the Honor 50 series uses a four-camera lens combination that includes a 100 million pixel main camera. It has a very powerful camera capability. With a 1.07 billion color screen, it can display richer colors and better restore the visual effects seen by the naked eye.

The main vlog shooting function of the Honor 50 series this time realizes six multi-lens video shooting modes, including the unique “front and rear camera recording” in the industry. The newly designed UX interface allows users to easily operate with one hand while maintaining In the recording state, you can switch between 6 modes at will, and you can also use 0.5x, 2x, 4x speed recording, video beautification, video photography, wide-angle and other functions during the shooting process, one-stop to meet Vlog shooting If you need it, you can directly produce the film, bid farewell to the tedious later stage.

The hardware highlights are full, the adjustment ability is good , the performance of the Honor 50 series is widely praised

The new Honor 50 series uses Qualcomm’s latest flagship chip, the Snapdragon 778G. This is the first time Honor has adopted Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip on its flagship machine. The performance of the new product has naturally become the focus of everyone’s attention. In the evaluation of the three-party evaluation agency, it is not difficult to see that Honor’s previous skill in chip tuning has also been proven again in Honor 50Pro. In the performance of mainstream large-scale games, the Honor 50 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 778G is extremely stable with high image quality, and it performs well in terms of heat control.

In order to bring a better user experience to consumers, the Honor 50 series supports fast charging up to 100W for the first time, which can be fully charged within 30 minutes, which greatly relieves users’ battery anxiety. The Honor 50 series adopts a single-cell dual-circuit charging scheme this time, making the battery thinner and lighter and the charging process safer. The Honor 50 Pro uses a 4:1 charge pump to double the efficiency. While increasing the power, it can also maintain a very high cycle capacity.

Professional media praise, Honor or 50 into a new benchmark for high-end market

The Honor 50 series is the leading work of Honor under the two-wheel drive strategy, which accurately understands the needs of users and continuously polishes the product experience. After the product is released, the major professional media have also carried out a full range of the Honor 50 series for the first time. Evaluation and experience.

Many professional media said: “With a high-quality screen, strong performance, and high-pixel main camera, the Honor 50 Pro can provide users with an excellent handheld platform for creating and consuming digital content of the 5G generation. Especially in games and Vlog video shooting. In terms of in-depth software optimization and excellent hardware support, the experience of the Honor 50 Pro in these two areas has a certain differentiation advantage compared to other models.” “Honor 50 Pro is consolidating the stylish appearance of the digital flagship series. On the basis of AI photography technology, it uses larger (100 million pixels), faster (100W fast charge), and smoother (120Hz high screen refresh). These user-experience configurations are more intuitive, showing Honor’s excellent software and hardware. strength.”

From the evaluation of professional media, it can be seen that the image strength of the Honor 50 series and the experience innovation brought by Vlog have left a deep impression on the market and the industry. With the launch of this sale, the Honor 50 series will also break the downturn in the high-end market and become a new benchmark in the market and the first hot product in 2021.

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