2021 high-end mobile phone market competition intensifies OPPO layout ahead of schedule

Recently, QuestMobile, a market research organization, recently released the 2020 China Mobile Internet Honor List and the TOP10 activation share of new 5G terminal models in China in December 2020.

The former’s statistics range from the newly launched smart terminal models in China in 2020. The total number of activated devices within three months is TOP4. Among them, OPPO A32 reached the top with 9,044.5 million activations, nearly 3 million more than the second-place iPhone 12. . In the TOP10 China’s 5G new terminal model activation share in December 2020, OPPO has three models on the list, namely OPPO Reno4 SE, Reno5 and Reno5 Pro. Compared with the shipment volume, the activation volume is more representative. According to the above data, OPPO’s terminal equipment has been welcomed and recognized by consumers.

It is worth noting that the OPPO A32 that reached the top of the previous list is a 4G mobile phone. From this point of view, there is still a lot of room for 4G mobile phones in China. Not all regions have achieved 5G coverage or need 5G networks. OPPO also has insight into this change and demand, and continues to launch 4G mobile phones to meet the consumption and use needs of this part of the long-tail population.

Reno5 and Reno5 Pro are products launched by OPPO in December 2020. Two models in a series can enter the top ten at the same time, which also proves the excellent strength of the product and the recognition of consumers. In the 5G era, OPPO seized the video mobile phone track and used the Reno series as the main model of this track and continued to strengthen it. The main focus was “portrait video phones”, the first FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, and super portrait video. Ability, it is precisely the precise control of this demand that makes the Reno5 series an explosive model as soon as it is launched.

According to Sun Qi, deputy general manager of BCI Communication Research, the scale of the 5G mobile phone market will continue to grow. It is estimated that the sales of 5G terminals will account for more than 80% in 2021, and the sales scale may exceed 300 million units. From the perspective of the total market, the Chinese mobile phone market will usher in a bottoming out in 2021, ending the four-year continuous downward trend in sales, and the global mobile phone market will therefore accelerate its recovery.

With the recovery of the global mobile phone market, OPPO has made all-round preparations in terms of products, supply chain, R&D, and channels. For example, on February 1, 2021, OPPO will hold a major customer appreciation meeting in Beijing, where the OPPO vice president , Liu Bo, President of China, delivered an important speech entitled “Being Good and Going Long, 2021 Work Together to Innovate the Pattern”, announced a number of customer support policies, promoted a comprehensive upgrade of channel strategies, and announced that OPPO will promote the overall in 2021 The brand is becoming high-end.

The first step in this process is undoubtedly Find X3, which will be released in the first quarter of this year, which will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor and the first OPPO self-developed full-link color management system, which will reach the top level in all aspects and is worth looking forward to.