2K+120Hz, OnePlus 8 Pro only needs 4999 to start

What configuration should this year’s flagship phone have? Since the beginning of this year, many mobile phones have given the standard answer. High resolution + high refresh rate is the standard configuration of this year’s flagship mobile phone. However, there are not many mobile phones that can meet the standard, and OnePlus 8 Pro is one of them, and it can be said that the flagship of the same configuration is the most cost-effective.

OnePlus 8 Pro is equipped with a top-of-the-line 2K+120Hz screen, which supports simultaneous operation of high resolution and high refresh rate, providing users with a clearer and smoother experience. The smooth screen experience will let you enter a new world from now on. It can be said that the ultra-high refresh rate has completely changed the mobile phone experience. Compared with the 120Hz 5G flagship mobile phone, the previous 60Hz screen will make you feel what is called lag.

Moreover, this screen has also received DisplayMate’s A+ rating. It is the second 5G flagship phone in China to receive this rating. It has excellent performance in terms of color and brightness. It can be used for daily use or entertainment. Come for a better experience. Not only that, OnePlus 8 Pro also supports HDR10+, MEMC video frame insertion and other functions. It has a 10-bit color display and an intelligent color temperature sensor. At the same time, it uses dual photosensitive originals for intelligent dimming, and the brightness level is up to 4096, even in the sun. The picture is presented clearly.

In addition to the excellent screen, the performance of the OnePlus 8 Pro is also quite good. The Snapdragon 865 processor has a running score of 580,000+. With its excellent performance, the OnePlus 8 Pro can make the game run smoothly at 120Hz, bringing users Come an unprecedented new gaming experience. At the same time, OnePlus 8 Pro can also carry up to 12GB of running memory. The large memory allows it to maintain the operation of multiple software at the same time, and it is still smooth after a whole day of use.

OnePlus 8 Pro also supports 30W wired and wireless fast charging. Both wired and wireless charging are equally fast. It only takes about 60 minutes to fully charge the OnePlus 8 Pro’s 4500 mAh battery, with the pertinence of the hydrogen OS system. Optimized enough to support moderate to light use throughout the day. OnePlus 8 Pro now only costs 4999 yuan (USD $714) to get the 8+128GB version, while the 12+256GB version is 500 yuan (USD $71) and only 5499 yuan (USD $786) to start. At the same time, it also comes with a protective shell worth 99 yuan and a 129 yuan (USD $18) worth Headphones, and support 12 periods of white bars interest-free.