349 yuan (USD $50) ! Huami Amazfit Pop watch review: blood oxygen detection surprise flagship gameplay is complete

1. Foreword Blood oxygen monitoring decentralized 349 yuan (USD $50) color screen meter good things should be enjoyed by people

According to Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technology, in the past few years, Amazfit and Apple Watch have always coincided with each other, overlapping in footsteps, and continued to introduce ceramic materials, increase ECG, and continue to improve the focus on health functions.

By September of this year, Apple Watch 6 finally, like Amazfit, has improved its health functions, brought blood oxygen monitoring, and made it the core upgrade selling point of the new Apple Watch, and it has also reignited everyone's blood oxygen detection function. discuss.

The blood oxygen saturation test is simply to test the blood oxygen concentration in the blood. Blood oxygen saturation is a physiological parameter that reflects the functions of breathing and circulation, and is an index that measures the ability of human blood to carry oxygen. High-load exercise in life, long hours of overtime work and staying up late, etc. may lead to decreased blood oxygen saturation and abnormalities. Through blood oxygen testing, you can better understand your physical state.

This feature is exclusive to the Series 6 series in the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE and earlier versions of the Apple Watch released at the same time are not available, and the starting price of the Apple Watch 6 reaches 3199 yuan (USD $457) , which is destined to be unenjoyable. .

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Fortunately, domestic manufacturers have already studied this. For example, Huami Technology first launched the blood oxygen detection function on Amazfit X, and the blood oxygen detection function of Huami's smart wearable products can also be combined with sleep monitoring to get sleep breathing. Quality score, which is not available in Apple Watch.

Huami has now reached the stage of decentralizing the blood oxygen detection function to low-priced smart watches . The newly released Huami Amazfit Pop smart watch includes all the functions of the flagship work on the basis of 349 yuan (USD $50) , not only blood oxygen saturation and sleep quality monitoring, but also breathing training, PAI health evaluation system, and more than 60 sports modes , Sports data recording, etc. Health and sports gameplay.

Huami's Amazfit Pop smartwatch also supports APP message reminders, Alipay offline payment, NFC access control bus card, 50-meter water resistance, 9 days of stable battery life, and more than 50 personalized dials. Obviously this new product does not lose the flagship watch in terms of functionality. .

The following is our detailed evaluation.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

2. A quick look at the appearance of a large-size color-screen watch with a simple design

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Outer packaging

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Huami Amazfit Pop as a whole is like a follow-up upgrade of the Amazfit® mobile watch® Spring Edition series. Compared with the latter, the screen size is large and refined.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Huami Amazfit Pop is equipped with a 1.43 inch clear color display, with a resolution of 320×302 and a pixel density of 305ppi. The display effect is excellent and delicate among products of the same price, even reaching the flagship watch. level.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

The body of Huami Amazfit Pop is made of polycarbonate, and the strap is made of silicon rubber, so it has an advantage in weight. The weight of the whole machine is 31 grams and the thickness is only 11.4mm. It appears to be lightweight among smart watches at the same price. , Thin and light. In daily use, the ultra-light design for sports or sleep accompanied by a soft and skin-friendly strap meets the requirements of wearing it with a sense of comfort.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

The only button in the entire watch

As the bio-optical sensor has been upgraded, the bottom of Huami Amazfit Pop has been changed, and the opening has been increased to four, which has the ability to detect blood oxygen saturation.

Three, health function experience, blood oxygen detection surprise, the gameplay of the flagship watch is basically complete

Among the color large-screen smart watches within 350 yuan (USD $50) , it is not easy to ensure that complete health functions are not missing. Huami Amazfit Pop does it. The focus is undoubtedly the blood oxygen detection function, in addition to sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring and PAI The health assessment system is also complete.

-Blood oxygen saturation test

The method of use is very simple. Select the blood oxygen detection function on the dial and keep your wrist flat and still. Follow the prompts and wait to complete the blood oxygen measurement. Because the accuracy of the measurement needs to be taken care of, Huami Amazfit Pop only supports a single manual blood oxygen test, and the data of each measurement will be synchronized in the watch and mobile APP.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

With the help of the blood oxygen saturation detection function, it is convenient to inject your own blood oxygen situation in real time, which will cause hidden dangers to avoid continuing work under low blood oxygen saturation. Generally speaking, in plain areas, blood oxygen saturation should not be less than 94%, otherwise it will be insufficient oxygen supply, and need to rest or even inhale oxygen in time.

——Heart rate monitoring

Huami Amazfit Pop also supports all-day automatic heart rate monitoring, you can change the frequency of heart rate detection in the settings to obtain icons with different accuracy. In APP, you can also classify the different stages of a day's heart rate to understand the changes in your physical state.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

——Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring is an indispensable function of smart watches. It can record the duration of deep sleep, light sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) phases, and can compare your sleep data with your previous sleep patterns and people in the same area. Sleep data supports superimposing with heart rate data, which can comprehensively judge your physical condition at night.

Moreover, like Huami’s own flagship watch, Huami Amazfit Pop also supports nap monitoring, which can record the length of the nap and the proportion of deep sleep and light sleep. When the rest time is greater than 20 minutes, the result will be recorded.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

It is worth mentioning that Huami Amazfit Pop can combine blood oxygen and sleep monitoring to get a sleep respiration quality score, which is not available in Apple Watch today. If the user has physical problems such as snoring and obesity, hypoxia will occur from time to time during sleep, ranging from being tired after waking up, and causing sudden death during sleep. It can help us find the problem in time and wear a breathing aid To prevent danger from happening.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

——PAI Health Assessment System

Like its flagship watch, Huami Amazfit Pop also supports the PAI health assessment system. It can generate an exclusive health goal for each person based on physiological data such as a person's age, weight, gender, etc. By completing this goal every day, you can get the corresponding PAI vitality index.

PAI vitality index is different from the traditional calculation of scores by step counting and exercise time, but it combines heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors, etc., to comprehensively record all exercise conditions in a day. There are even specific exercise items, time, and intensity suggestions in the APP, which can use fragmented time to produce good exercise effects.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

4. A full-featured watch with more than one week of battery life


Not inferior to the flagship watch, Amazfit Pop now has more than 60 sports modes.

Moreover, as a low-priced non-flagship watch, Amazfit Pop's anti-? level is compared to flagship smart watches, and there is nothing missing, reaching the 50? standard, taking a shower after sweating a lot, and swimming in the pool. No need to take it off.

Of course, due to cost restrictions and positioning, Amazfit Pop compares its own flagship watch, the bigger change is the lack of independent GPS positioning, which requires the use of mobile phone GPS for positioning during exercise.

For example, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes are all missing. During exercise, users can view professional data such as movement distance, speed, rate change, and calories burned on the screen of Amazfit Pop. At the same time, if the user is running too slow, Amazfit Pop can also send out reminders.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Combined with the rate data, it is possible to know at any time whether the exercise is in the fat burning zone or the lung enhancement, and promptly remind when the rate is over to avoid accidental injuries during exercise.

After the exercise is over, information such as exercise path, heart rate, stride length can be displayed on the watch end, which is very convenient.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Open the mobile phone APP to view the exercise record, the data inside will be intuitive, all the data will be displayed in the form of charts, and the size and changes of the values can be clearly seen on the large screen of the mobile phone. Combining the detailed data of heart rate, stride length, pace and path, you can further understand your own exercise situation and make the next training plan.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

——Convenient functions

Huami Amazfit Pop™ supports various message reminders such as call reminders, information reminders (text messages, App, calendar, and defined events), alarm clocks, and sedentary reminders.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

In addition to common sports, health, and message reminders, Huami Amazfit Pop also supports many convenient functions. Such as the common Alipay payment, NFC card package function and so on.

Huami Amazfit Pop supports Alipay quick payment. The usage method is exactly the same as before. The watch generates a QR code, uses the Alipay APP to scan the code to bind the device, and recharges a certain amount in the device. When paying, you can let the merchant scan the watch on the watch. QR code to complete the payment.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Huami Amazfit Pop comes with its own NFC module and supporting functions, so it can be used in the APP to open a transportation card (already support subway buses in more than 300 cities across the country) or simulate a community access card. For the encrypted access card, you can use the blank card function to complete authorization or activation at the residential property.

It is worth mentioning that the NFC function of Amazfit Pop is compatible with iOS and Android systems, and can also be used by iPhone users.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马


1. The 43-inch “clear color” display is one of the highlights of the Amazfit Pop upgrade, with a resolution of 320×302 and a pixel density of 305ppi. The display effect is exquisite. At the same time, Huami is also the screen of this watch. Spent thinking.

Huami Amazfit Pop is equipped with 50 dials, with various personalities and styles.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

At the same time, Amazfit Pop also supports dynamic dials. In addition, Amazfit Pop also supports uploading photos as the dial background, and even has a built-in function of defining modular dials, which can adjust the display content according to the user's habits, so that the time and time can be adjusted. Important information such as period, day, and rate are displayed on demand.

In terms of the degree of humanization and openness of dial customization, there is no difference between Amazfit Pop and flagship smart watches.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

——Yu Xuhang

In terms of battery life, according to the official statement, Amazfit Pop can last up to 9 days under regular use. We conducted a simple test and turned on all-day heart rate detection and automatic sleep detection. There was one sleep and two exercises in between. After using for more than 30.5 hours, the power consumption was 16%, which is relatively close to the official data.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

30.5 hours from 12:15 am to 6:48 pm the next day

Fifth, summarize the dark horse of smart watches with affordable prices

Huami's Amazfit Pop's intention to arrive is very obvious.As a rare full-featured smartwatch with a color screen that can be bought within 350 yuan (USD $50) , showing such a remarkable price/performance ratio is for the next Double Eleven shopping festival, and it suddenly came out. It can be called a dark horse.

It is like the successor to the previous Huami Amazfit sports watch youth version series, but the upgrade has far exceeded expectations, especially in the screen size, display resolution, blood oxygen detection, sports mode, and smart application experience. It is very obvious and unprecedented.

First of all, Huami Amazfit Pop can meet the characteristics of Xu's flagship watch. The 1.43-inch, 305 ppi pixel density screen achieves the same visual film level as the flagship watch. This is the sign that users can feel at a glance. At the same time, it is also a place that differentiates it from the very hand-held and non-color-screen watches of the same price.

Secondly, in terms of functions, Huami Amazfit Pop has added the latest generation of object tracking optical sensors, which can meet the functional gameplay of flagship watches-24-hour heart rate monitoring, oxygen saturation detection, sleep monitoring, and flagship The watch is very powerful, more than 60 professional sports modes, NFC bus card and other flagship smart watch functions, Amazfit Pop is not missing.

血氧、旗舰功能都齐了!华米Amazfit Pop手表评测:349元彩屏黑马

Among them, the addition of the blood oxygen detection function is a big surprise.It was previously difficult to foresee that this reserved item of the flagship smart watch can be transferred to a smart watch within 350 yuan (USD $50) . From heart rate, sleep, PAI to today's blood oxygen, the general technology of technology Hui people can understand their own health in depth.

Amazfit Pop has an absolute advantage in battery life. The daily battery life is more than one week. Compared with smart watches that charge once a day or two or three days, there is less power restraint.

In general, Huami Amazfit Pop is a smart watch that really focuses on practicality. It does not have any fancy gimmicks and special premiums. It has all the necessary functions, and there is no place to blame or criticize.

If you have previously been hesitant about a color-screen smartwatch equipped with blood oxygen function due to the tight budget brought by the high premium, then Huami Amazfit Pop is definitely a premium shredder and a popularizer of blood oxygen testing, allowing users to have equal access The choice of managing your health is very attractive.

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