349 yuan (USD $50) national health watch, Huami Technology Amazfit Pop officially released, supporting blood oxygen detection

On October 21, 2020, Huami Technology (NYSE:HMI) officially released the new "national health watch" Amazfit Pop, which provides flagship health functions, guides users to always pay attention to their own health, improves the quality of life and efficiency, and implements Huami Technology The corporate mission of "Technology Connects Health".

Amazfit Pop is equipped with a 1.43-inch high-definition color display, which supports blood oxygen saturation measurement, all-weather heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, etc. in terms of health, to provide users with a healthy life. At the same time, Amazfit Pop also supports more than 60 sports modes and 50 meters of water resistance. It also has message notification reminders, NFC bus access control, and Alipay offline payment functions to improve daily efficiency and allow users to enjoy a smart and healthy life.


In terms of price, Amazfit Pop is priced at 349 yuan (USD $50) , and the pre-sale is now open. During the pre-sale period, you can enjoy a 50 yuan discount. It will be on sale at Amazfit Tmall, JD.com official flagship store, Xiaomi Youpin on November 1, and Amazfit line All channels are on sale simultaneously.

All-weather health monitoring, professionally guarding the health of users

Amazfit Pop is equipped with the most advanced health functions, built-in most advanced health monitoring technology and algorithms, and at a more affordable price, it brings professional health experience to a wider user group, so that everyone’s health needs can be treated seriously and equally. Satisfy.

Amazfit Pop supports blood oxygen saturation detection, which can help users measure the oxygen content in the blood in time. Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important indicators of human health. When users are engaged in long-term mental work or high-intensity outdoor sports, they can use the blood oxygen saturation value on Amazfit Pop to adjust their physical condition and keep healthy. Keep it firmly in your own hands.


At the same time, Amazfit Pop is equipped with the BioTracker 2 PPG high-precision bio-tracking optical sensor independently developed by Huami Technology, which can monitor heart rate for 24 hours, and can automatically detect atrial fibrillation and identify heart abnormalities. When the heart rate is too high, Amazfit Pop will recognize the warning in time to remind users to pay attention to heart health.

In addition, Amazfit Pop is also equipped with functions such as sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, breathing training, menstrual cycle management, and PAI health assessment system. It provides all-weather health monitoring from multiple usage scenarios and multiple health dimensions, and professionally protects the health of users. status.


1. 43-inch high-definition color screen display, thin and light design without feeling to wear

Amazfit Pop is equipped with a 1.43-inch high-definition color display with a resolution of 320×302 and a pixel density of 305ppi. The display effect is exquisite and excellent, making incoming calls, messages, and reminders clearly visible. In addition, Amazfit Pop is also equipped with 50 different styles of personalized dials, and supports uploading photos as the dial background, making every time you lift your wrist to see the time more fun.


The Amazfit Pop weighs 31 grams and is only 11.4 mm thick. It is currently the representative of the lightweight and thin smartwatches . The ultra-light design with a soft and skin-tight strap makes Amazfit Pop an ideal daily life companion, providing an all-weather comfortable wearing experience.

60+ sports mode to travel across mountains and seas, NFC bus access control smart travel

The waterproof rating of Amazfit Pop reaches a depth of 50 meters, and it supports more than 60 sports modes. During exercise, you can check the distance, speed, heart rate changes, burned calories, etc. on the screen in time to achieve a full range of exercise data tracking records. At the same time, Amazfit Pop can also combine heart rate data to inform the user whether the exercise is in the fat burning zone or the cardiopulmonary enhancement, and promptly reminds when the heart rate is too high to avoid accidental injuries during exercise.


In terms of battery life, Amazfit Pop can achieve a long battery life of 9 days, eliminating battery life anxiety and frequent charging troubles, saving power and worrying.

Amazfit Pop also supports the offline payment function of Alipay, and through the multi-function NFC, the watch can also be transformed into a bus card and access card, whether it is daily payment or transportation, it is more calm and convenient. In addition, Amazfit Pop also has smart functions such as message notification reminders, checking the weather, controlling mobile phone music, tomato alarm clock, etc., which can bring users a more convenient experience.


The official price of Amazfit Pop is 349 yuan (USD $50) , and pre-sales are now available on Amazfit Tmall, JD official flagship store, Xiaomi Youpin, and other channels. During the pre-sale period, you can enjoy a 50 yuan discount. On November 1, Amazfit Pop will be officially launched on Huami Technology's omni-channels, so stay tuned.