3799 yuan (USD $543) ! The classic color of Guoli small gray

After thousands of calls, Xiaomi 10 countries elegant gray new color finally sold! On July 31, Xiaomi 10 Fengya ash was put on sale through all channels, and the purchase price in Xiaomi mall could be reduced by 200 yuan (USD $29) , and the purchase price was only 3799 yuan (USD $543) . Xiaomi 10 has high performance and 5g, with classic national color matching, it is really good-looking and can play.

millet 10 national elegant grey

“Light ink after layers of rendering precipitation, into a dark bamboo shadow, humble stand.” As Xiaomi mobile phone introduced, the national elegant gray color is elegant, full of cultural flavor, and the texture is not vulgar. The color naming style of this color is different from the previous color matching of Xiaomi 10. In addition to guofengya grey, Xiaomi 10 is available in Titanium Silver Black, ice sea blue and peach gold. The elegant style of the country is obviously more characteristic of culture.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi 10 is equipped with snapdragon 865 mobile platform, supports dual-mode 5g network, fully adapts to Wi Fi 6, is equipped with 90hz flow rate screen, adopts dual 1216 superlinear speakers, built-in 4780mah battery, and supports 30W Wireless Flash charging and 10W wireless reverse charging. Its biggest highlight lies in the imaging system. The Xiaomi 10 is equipped with a 100 million pixel four camera, which supports AI 8K ultra clear recording, and has powerful photography and video functions.