499 yuan (USD $71) ! Meizu POP Pro active noise canceling headphones released

Today, Meizu Meizu POP Pro active noise reduction headphones were released, priced at 499 yuan (USD $71) .

It is reported that Meizu POP Pro active noise reduction headphones use the traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy “smudge” technique, dots into circles, dots into lines, and smudges to outline the natural transition curve of the earphone cavity.

This headset is equipped with a professional three-microphone intelligent call noise reduction algorithm. Through the external dual-microphone array and the internal microphone, the external environmental noise when the user is talking can be eliminated.Even if the other party is in a busy street, the other party can still hear a clear voice .

In addition, Meizu has customized a 10mm high-quality composite diaphragm moving coil unit, which can present more mid-to-high frequency details while bringing a strong and powerful bass performance. Its in-ear structure can reduce sound leakage, supplemented by Meizu professional tuning The sound makes the music layered, and the details of each frequency band are fully visible.

And Meizu POP Pro also adds a transparent mode function, providing normal mode, ambient sound mode and noise reduction mode, users can choose their own noise reduction effect according to the needs of the environment.

It is worth noting that the Meizu POP Pro charging compartment is rectangular, with a power indicator on the front and a connection button on the back. It is the only operable button on the fuselage, and there is a charging port at the bottom.

After turning on the charging box, the phone interface will automatically pop up the connection interface, one piece of connection.

In terms of battery life, the official said that Meizu POP Pro can listen to 6.5 hours of music with a single charge, and it can provide up to 24 hours of long-lasting battery life when used with the charging box.

It will be available for sale at 10 am on January 12.

魅族POP Pro主动降噪耳机发布:499元

Source: Fast Technology