4G clearance! Meizu's full-screen thousand yuan machine drops to one hundred yuan

As the 5G era in 2020, various mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own 5G mobile phones, and in order to promote better sales to meet the arrival of 5G mobile phones, 4G mobile phones have also started a clearance mode. Meizu 16X released in September 2018 In order to reduce the price, the original price was 2098 yuan (USD $300) , and now it has been reduced to 998 yuan (USD $143) .

It is reported that the Meizu 16X is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor. At that time, this phone was also rated as the "best Snapdragon 710 model" by Huang Zhang, and was officially positioned as the "light luxury flagship". In other respects, Meizu 16X uses a 6.0-inch Samsung AMOLED display design with a screen ratio of 90.62%. In terms of color matching, there are three models: research ink black, Chenxi gold, and Ruyao white.

In terms of battery life, Meizu 16th has a built-in 3100mAh battery, which can continuously play the Honor of the King for 5.8 hours, continuous playing for 5.5 hours to stimulate the battlefield, and watch TV for 14 hours continuously, so it seems that the battery life is good.

On the camera, the Meizu 16X has a front 20-megapixel camera, a rear 12 million Sony IMX380 + 20 million Sony IMX350 dual camera, and supports OIS optical image stabilization. In general, compared to current mobile phones, in addition to insufficient battery life, the other aspects of Meizu 16X performance configuration is good, and now only need 998 yuan (USD $143) to start, it can be described as incredibly sweet! What do you think about this?