4G network full coverage + nearly a month’s long standby makes Nokia 2720 more practical evaluation

If you put the clock back to 15 years ago, the mobile phone market was still a time of diversity and diversity. At that time, Nokia and Motorola were Big Macs. At that time, the flip phones of Samsung, LG and sharp were shining in the hands of fashionable young people.

15 years later, the emergence of smart phones unified the shape of mobile phones, sliding cover, full keyboard and other design full of ideas, almost disappeared. Nokia and Motorola are no longer giants in the market, but they all choose to let flip phones come back out of the Jianghu.

Unlike Motorola’s Razr, Nokia 2720, a new retro flip phone recently launched by Nokia, presents the almost authentic flavor of the era of feature machines.

The Nokia 2720 features a dual internal and external screen design, with oversized buttons for easy operation. The device supports three networks 4gvolte network, and can quickly open the Wi Fi hotspot sharing function to enjoy high-speed network. The mobile phone is equipped with an emergency contact button, which can quickly call for help. In this day when the big screen computer dominates the world, I inadvertently pulled out a flip function machine like Nokia 2720. Sometimes it’s really a maverick.

In terms of appearance, Nokia 2720 adopts a metal frame + polycarbonate shell design, with a matte body in black, gray and red colors. This one in our hand is gray, and it looks a little more plastic. The interior and exterior screen areas are highlighted in black, while the contrast design adds a bit of style to the Nokia 2720.

The Nokia 2720 weighs 118g, and the outer screen is a 1.3-inch color screen with a resolution of 240×240. When you call, you can see the call information outside. Take a smart look at the screen, and then shake off the mobile phone. Every time, it is full of a sense of ceremony and expectation. Every time, you can get the envious eyes of the people around you. This is the right way to open the flip phone.

In addition to checking the incoming call information, the external screen can also check the mobile phone notification, alarm clock information and adjust the volume.

In terms of internal screen, Nokia 2720 has a size of 2.8 inches and a resolution of QVGA. Compared with the current smart phones, the screen size is too small. But if you put it in the era of functional machines, the 2.8-inch inner screen is definitely the level of a giant. In fact, if you hold it in your hand, only from the perspective of appearance, because the screen display content is not too dense, and the actual font is also large, you will not feel the reading obstacles caused by the insufficient screen size. At the same time, with large-scale keys, it is more comfortable to send messages or all kinds of simple operations.

Press the “emergency contact button” on the left side of Nokia 2720 to automatically send a help message containing the current location information to five preset emergency contacts, and make an emergency call through the speaker. Nokia 2720 supports the ice (in case of emergency) information menu function, including the user’s birth date, blood type, allergy information and other information to help the first responder quickly understand the situation.

Nokia 2720 supports dual sim card, micro USB charging interface, 3.5mm headset interface, Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11b/g/n WLAN and GPS / AGPs + GLONASS.

In terms of configuration, Nokia 2720 is equipped with Qualcomm 205 msm8905 processor, built-in memory 512MB, built-in body storage 4GB, and supports up to 32GB microSD card expansion.

In terms of network support, Nokia 2720 supports China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom 4G networks. Using any carrier service, you can get a high-speed network experience on your mobile phone. When using dual card service, the main card supports 4G service and the secondary card supports WCDMA 3G at most. In addition, it uses the mainstream dual nano SIM card design, and can quickly switch from the mainstream mobile phone to the Nokia 2720 without a card cover. The Nokia 2720 not only supports the three networks 4G network, but also supports the high-definition voice call function of three operators, making the call clearer and communication more convenient.

Inheriting the excellent endurance experience in the era of function machine, Nokia 2720’s built-in 1500mah battery can achieve a maximum of 28 days of endurance time, which is not an experience at least once a day with ordinary smart phones. As a result, the full 4G network support and long endurance make the Nokia 2720 not only a perfect standby, but also a mobile phone’s accompanying wireless path.

Nokia 2720 supports the Wi Fi hotspot network sharing function. It can share a more private personal network for the devices around it at any time. It can also set the hotspot sharing function as a shortcut key (settings personalization shortcut) for quick opening.

On the system side, Nokia 2720 runs an operating system called kaios, but at first glance, it is almost the same as Symbian. The built-in FM radio can be used as a portable phone box when connecting to wired headphones. Hitachi, memo, calculator, recorder, unit conversion and other practical tools are indispensable.

In particular, when we were most famous on Nokia mobile phones, we also played the most infatuated Snake game and came back together! While passing the time, you can also find the familiar memory.

Of course, the Nokia 2720 is also worth a 2 megapixel camera. But it is obvious that the camera can no longer bear the task of recording life in the advanced era. Although the symbolic significance of the camera is far greater than the practical value, occasionally recording some urgent content can still play waste heat.

In general, Nokia 2720 is a good partner for a smart phone. Its long standby and endurance time can make it an instant substitute without worrying about losing the chain. At the same time, the complete network service makes it possible to be an excellent mobile route.

Most importantly, Nokia 2720 satisfies some nostalgic users who have experienced that era. With Nokia 2720, you can take a breath out of the troubled Internet world and enjoy life without worrying about the ubiquitous information flooding. Maybe that’s the key to Nokia’s continued popularity in this era.