4K resolution is coming! Microsoft will launch a new wireless display adapter

Recently, Microsoft is very active, not only in the field of mobile phones, but also in game consoles, computers and even wireless chargers. Recently, they have been revealed that they are preparing to release a new wireless display adapter.

According to @Roland Quandt, a whistleblower in the well-known foreign media Winfutre, Microsoft will release the latest wireless display adapter in the near future.

The whistleblower @Roland Quandt said that the new Microsoft wireless display adapter will be more powerful in function. He revealed that the new Microsoft product will support 4K resolution. And the wireless display adapter can add Miracast to non-smart TVs, and users can easily expand the display to a large screen.

In terms of price, @Roland Quandt said its price is 70 US dollars (approximately RMB 486), which is slightly more expensive than the price of the Microsoft wireless display adapter currently on sale (45 US dollars). In addition, he also said that users don’t have to wait too long. This new Microsoft product will be available soon.