5G cloud operation China Telecom released Tianyi 1 2021 mobile

On January 26, China Telecom released its own brand 5G full Netcom cloud mobile phone-Tianyi No.1 2021. The phone has been fully upgraded in terms of experience, craftsmanship, configuration and cloud applications. Different from the arc-shaped design of most mobile phones, Tianyi No.1 2021 adopts a vertical angular middle frame and a microfiber leather process to show the beauty of the design. The thin and light body gives a dynamic hand feel, realizing the best balance between 5000mAh large battery and 180g, 7.9mm ultra-light and ultra-thin. Zhanrui 5G chip T7510 empowers, supports SA and NSA, and is universal on the whole network. Cloud twins, massive storage, create a new 5G terminal experience.

Craftsmanship meets aesthetics

In the current mainstream market, most mobile phone designs are arc-shaped. Tianyi No. 1 2021 uses a vertical angular middle frame, which is highly recognizable. The side of the whole machine is thinner when the screen is straight, and it is more powerful to hold. Based on ergonomics, it is the first to adopt a 45-degree chamfer of the middle frame, which makes it more comfortable to hold for a long time and will not be awkward. The rear camera module uses a double-layer rectangular camera module with a metal frame to reduce the awkwardness of the lens module and make it visually slimmer. At the same time, the periphery of the lens module has undergone abrasion-resistant treatment, so the color and paint will not fade after long time use.

Tianyi 1 2021 has two color schemes: Lunar Grey and Autumn Moon Yellow.

Lunar soil ash adopts polymer composite material back cover. It captures the dark color of the lunar soil. Because the lunar soil contains mineral particles such as iron, gold, silver, lead, etc., a flash ink layer is added to the back cover, so that a single color has a different light and presents an infinite space. The profound mystery and sense of technology.

The back cover of Autumn Moon Yellow is made of microfiber leather. The leather is soft and delicate to the touch, which is comparable to lambskin. The innovative production process ensures the fit, wear resistance, sweat resistance and erosion resistance of the leather, which fully demonstrates the quality and fashion. At the same time, it is matched with warm yellow, like a full moon in autumn, romantic and warm.

Feather weight, thin and stylish

Tianyi 1 2021 has an ultra-thin and ultra-light fuselage with a thickness of only 7.9mm and a weight of 180g. While ultra-thin and ultra-light, it has not given up on the pursuit of large batteries. It is equipped with a 5000mAh large battery, which can be used continuously for 21.6 hours without interruption and 14.3 hours of continuous video viewing. When the mobile phone has no power to activate the super power saving mode, the 5G network can continue to send and receive WeChat for up to 1 hour. Among the 5G brand mobile phones equipped with 5000mAh batteries in the mainstream market, Tianyi No. 1 2021 has achieved the lightest and thinnest.

Compared with 4G mobile phones, 5G mobile phones have faster transmission speed and greater bandwidth, and the number of antennas is double that of 4G. All of these increase the power consumption of mobile phones and require battery life to be greatly improved. Therefore, 5G mobile phones on the market generally use large-capacity batteries above 4500mAh, but this also increases the weight and thickness of the mobile phone, affecting the grip and operating feel, especially inconvenient for one-handed operation.

In order to achieve lightness and thinness, Tianyi No.1 2021 has been innovatively optimized in layout design, devices and processes. Through the optimization of the overall layout, the thickness of the battery of the mobile phone has become 1mm thinner. The front shell metal is made of high-strength aluminum-titanium alloy, and the thickness is reduced by 0.1mm. The back cover adopts a high-speed vacuum thermoforming process instead of conventional injection molding. Combined with polymer materials, the thickness is reduced by at least 0.3mm5.

With an ultra-thin body of 7.9mm, an ultra-light weight of 180g, and a large battery of 5000mAh, Tianyi No.1 2021 achieves the best featherweight ratio, creating a flying feel in the palm of the hand.

Play 5G for the whole network

Tianyi No.1 2021 is equipped with Unigroup Zhanrui 5G chip T7510, supports SA and NSA dual-module network 6, Sub-6GHz global mainstream frequency band; supports 5G networks of major domestic operators, and is universal for the entire network.

In order to ensure the call quality and signal stability of the mobile phone, Tianyi No.1 2021 adopts 15 LDS surround antennas and the original obelisk antenna design, which significantly reduces signal attenuation and guarantees call quality; equipped with 3D3T smart antennas, the signal strength is compared through algorithms , Automatically select the best antenna to ensure high-speed and stable 5G communication for users, and have a better application experience.

Cloud twins are safe and worry-free

Entering 2021, 5G is rapidly becoming popular. In addition to the increase in speed, the greatest value that 5G mobile phones bring to consumers is also the changes in in-depth applications. Cloud mobile phone is one of the latest 5G terminal trends. Under the 5G cloud-network integration strategy, China Telecom will take the lead in commercializing 5G cloud mobile phones in 2020, and realize the experience upgrade on the new generation Tianyi No.1 2021, truly achieving cloud twinning, integrating software and hardware.

In addition to the Tianyi 1 2021 native phone, users can also enjoy a second mobile phone running in the cloud. The cloud mobile phone uses Android, which can load various applications on demand, and can log in to the same APP with a different application account from the local mobile phone. , To achieve seamless expansion of mobile phone capabilities, one mobile phone can be changed to two. It has excellent game performance and runs large-scale mobile games on ordinary mobile phones. Users are faced with the problems of inability to run, hot phones, and fast power consumption. Cloud phones can provide powerful computing power in the cloud, and are equipped with powerful GPU capabilities, greatly reducing local hardware performance consumption and resource occupation, and mobile games can be played without worry.

In addition, cloud mobile phone data is stored in “three copies” in the cloud, with multiple copies of one data, combined with the triple security encryption technology of connection security, network security, and data security, to realize the credibility protection of cloud mobile phones and effectively guarantee the information security of data.

Mass storage with one touch

Cloud mobile phone has a large amount of directional traffic support, built-in high-value services with large bandwidth and free traffic, and provides users with a 10GB/month directional local data package for free. Users using cloud mobile phones do not need to pay for the generated traffic separately, live broadcast TV shows, office work , Data storage, play as you like, no longer have to worry about traffic problems.

Smart display of excellent images

Tianyi No. 1 2021 adopts a 6.53-inch FHD+ high-definition full screen, 2340 X 1080 resolution, 90.4% screen-to-body ratio, easy to create cinema-level enjoyment. The screen has intelligent color temperature and brightness adjustment functions, intelligently selects the display mode according to the environment, and can display clearly under strong direct sunlight. It supports 4096-level dimming, effectively reducing stroboscopic flicker and protecting eyes.

In terms of camera capabilities, Tianyi No.1 2021 is equipped with a 48-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, a 120-degree super wide-angle lens and an independent portrait depth-of-field lens. It can be used for dark night selfies, sports portraits, and any photo scene.

Optimal quality and excellent quality control

Tianyi No.1 2021 has excellent quality. It has undergone a series of rigorous quality tests, including 200,000 times of high-strength key press test, 10,000 times of interface plug-in test, 1000 times of distortion test, and high temperature and humidity resistance. Test 8 etc. A high-quality mobile phone must be tempered. Tianyi 1 2021 strictly controls every detail, just to create excellence.

Tianyi No. 1 2021 has two different configurations, 4G+64G and 6G+128G, of which 4G+64G is priced at 1,199 yuan (USD $171) ; 6G+128G is priced at 1,499 yuan (USD $214) , and the promotional price during the first sale period is 1,399 yuan (USD $200) .

On January 26, Tianyi No. 1 2021 will start pre-sales at China Telecom’s online business hall, JD Mall and JD Tianyi Telecom’s flagship store, and will be available at China Telecom’s online business hall and Yipay on February 3rd. , JD Mall, JD Tianyi Telecom’s flagship store, and other major offline stores of China Telecom’s business halls are simultaneously on sale.