5G commercial application accelerates landing China Unicom announces that its video ring back tone users exceed 100 million

Sina Technology News reported on the morning of January 5 that with the acceleration of 5G commercial applications, China Unicom announced that as of December 22, 2020, China Unicom’s video ring back tones will be officially commercialized for 162 days and the user scale has exceeded the 100 million mark.

Video ring back tones is a new form of the ring back tone service in the 5G era. It has evolved from "listening" to "watching". Short videos are introduced into the ring back tone setting stage, and users can use their creativity to DIY exclusive video ring back tones.

Since its launch, China Unicom’s video ring back tones have continued to introduce new products. Currently, it is gradually launching a variety of innovative product applications such as calling ring back tones, high-definition ring back tones, hotline ring back tones, AI scene ring back tones, media ring back tones, etc. Diversified needs.

According to reports, the "calling ring back tone" has three functions: accurate content push, customized subscription ring back tone, and button ring back tone switching. When the calling user makes a call, the system can match the user’s age, preferences and other big data crowd screen tags in real time. The content of the video ringtone of interest is played.

In order to meet the needs of government agencies and corporate brand image promotion, China Unicom focuses on launching the "hotline ring tones" service. Government and enterprise customers only need to set short video content related to corporate image, product features, customer care and other short video content into the hotline video ring tones, and then they can call The pre-fragmented time has become the best time for corporate publicity to reach the target group point-to-point, and effectively solve the publicity pain points of government agencies and corporate users with limited spread of brands, products and services.

In order to further accelerate the pace of 5G public product innovation, China Unicom has joined hands with many industry partners to establish a short video alliance, with video ring back tones and short videos as the main position, using the operator’s user scale and big data advantages to help creators create content, incubate IP, and solve Business realization problems. At the same time, China Unicom has also launched the "Haina" short video content creation program to provide new generation Internet celebrities with tens of millions of content subsidies, hundreds of millions of traffic exposures, massive creative materials, and professional training.