5G full-screen flagship, vivo NEX 3S for only 4998 yuan (USD $714)

On March 10, vivo released the new flagship model vivo NEX 3S. The NEX series has always been the flagship model of vivo black technology, and it has also received widespread attention from vivo fans. Compared with the vivo NEX 3 released last year, the new machine has been significantly upgraded, especially in terms of processors, using the latest flagship SOC Snapdragon 865 and X55 baseband, not only powerful performance, but also supports dual-mode 5G.

In terms of design, the biggest difference between the vivo NEX 3S and other brands' 5G flagships is that instead of the recent popular hole-drilling design, it uses a lifting design, plus a waterfall screen with a screen ratio of 99.6%, which brings real Full screen experience.

The vivo NEX 3S's screen uses E3 light-emitting materials. Compared to the previous generation E2 light-emitting materials, it can reduce harmful blue light by 42%, reduce eye fatigue, and consume less power. This screen covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, the excitation brightness can reach 800nit, and it has passed HDR 10+ certification and supports DC-like dimming.

The back of the vivo NEX 3S uses a design similar to "Oreo". This design can be said to be quite ahead of time, and many mobile phones have competed to imitate this year. In addition, the vivo NEX 3S uses a SCHOTT Sai Xuan Up cover. This special lithium-aluminum-aluminum silicate (LAS) cover glass for high-end products has higher strength and better drop resistance.

In order to further improve the performance, vivo NEX 3S also uses LPDDR5 and UFS3.1, which has stronger performance and lower power consumption. Under the blessing of these hardware strength and vivo's optimization technology, NEX 3S AnTuTu can run up to 590,000 points, and can run mainstream games such as "Peace Elite" and "Honor of the King" at full frame. The vivo NEX 3S also uses a 4500mAh battery, which also guarantees battery life.

In terms of shooting, the rear three cameras of the vivo NEX 3S cover a focal length of 16-52mm, support 0.6-2x optical zoom, up to 20x digital zoom, and 120 ° ultra-wide angle. Vivo's shooting algorithm has been relatively good, especially wide-angle and zoom. Now vivo has been further improved in portrait mode. If the target is detected in portrait mode, the lens will automatically switch to a 52mm focal length, adjust the aperture and blur effects, and automatically follow the human eye to ensure that the target subject is always prominent when shooting.

In terms of price, vivo NEX 3S offers two memory specifications of 8GB + 256GB and 12GB + 256GB, and the price is 4998 yuan (USD $714) and 5298 yuan (USD $757) , respectively. In addition to inheriting the NEX 3 deep space streamer and liquid Tianhe color schemes, the NEX 3S has added a new succinic color scheme. At present, vivo NEX 3S is selling on the official website and major online shopping platforms, supporting 12 periods of interest-free, and also giving a half-year extended warranty period and half-year broken screen treasure. In addition, there is a free laser engraving service for purchase now.