5G iPhone 12 render video exposure! No bangs real hammer? Will fruit powder pay?

News on March 31, the rendering video of the iPhone 12 5G new machine was exposed on the tubing. As can be seen from the video, the iPhone 12 series uses a full-screen design without bangs, which is consistent with the previously exposed iOS14 code. There is a camera on the top of the screen. , Sensors, and infrared, the borders around are narrow, the screen ratio is relatively high, or it will become another explosion of Apple.

In other respects, the 5G iPhone 12 series rear camera has also been greatly upgraded. The rear three cameras may include ultra-wide-angle, macro and zoom cameras. In addition, a LiDAR camera and a lidar scanner may be added. The overall style is very similar to the iPhone 11 series.

It is worth mentioning that the interface of the iPhone 12 series is suspected to be replaced by a Type-C interface. Because the European Union had previously required uniform charging interfaces to reduce electronic waste. However, whether Apple has compromised with the European Union will not know until the iPhone 12 series is officially released.

Overall, the rendered video of the iPhone 12 series is very eye-catching, and the overall appearance is considerable. If this is the case, is the fruit powder willing to pay? Comments are welcome.