5G iPhone is coming! Guo Mingzhang: Shipment is expected to reach 80–85 million units

In the early morning of January 13, the famous Apple analyst Guo Mingxuan released the latest forecast report, saying that in 2020, Apple will release 5 new iPhone models, and it is expected that shipments will reach 80 to 85 million.

Previously, Guo Mingdi had predicted the five iPhone models that Apple would release in 2020. He speculated that these five models may be: 4.7-inch LCD models, 5.4-inch models, 6.1-inch (rear dual-camera) models, 6.1-inch (rear-trim camera) models, and 6.7-inch OLED models.

It is worth noting that 5G iPhone may be divided into two models that only support Sub-6GHz and Sub-6GHz + mmWave, and the product development methods will be more complicated than in the past. According to current information, iPhones with Sub-6GHz + mmWave models are expected to ship at the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year.

Due to the support of new technology, Guo Mingyu speculated that the shipment of 2020 iPhones will reach 80–85 million units, of which 15-20% are models of the Sub-6GHz + mmWave version.

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