5G iPhone shipments in the first quarter decrease by 23% from the previous quarter, vivo Samsung's 5G mobile phone shipments soar

It was reported on the morning of June 18th, Beijing time that Apple was relatively late in launching 5G mobile phones, but last year’s iPhone 12 was still a big success. The latest data released by Strategy Analytics shows that in the first quarter of this year, 5G iPhone shipments decreased by 23% from the previous quarter.

In the first quarter, global 5G mobile phone shipments increased by 6% from the previous quarter, with shipments reaching 136 million units. Demand for 5G mobile phones is still strong, especially in China, the United States, and Western Europe. In 2021, 5G mobile phone shipments are expected to reach 624 million units and only 269 million units in 2020.

Samsung shipped 17 million 5G mobile phones in the first quarter, an increase of 79% from the previous quarter. Vivo’s growth rate ranked second, with shipments increasing by 62% month-on-month to 19 million units. OPPO increased by 55% month-on-month, and Xiaomi increased by 41% month-on-month. Their growth momentum mainly came from China.

Although Apple’s performance is not as good as its rivals, 5G iPhone shipments still accounted for 40.4% of the entire 5G mobile phone market, compared with 52.2% in the fourth quarter of last year. Next to Apple is OPPO, with a share of 21.5%, compared with 13.9% in the fourth quarter of last year. Samsung’s share of 5G mobile phones increased from 9.5% to 17%.

Apple’s 5G mobile phone shipments may be reduced for two reasons. One is that everyone believes that there will be a new phone launch in September, so the purchase time is postponed; the other is that competitors launch cheaper 5G phones. (Xinghai)