5G Pioneer Extreme Experience, ZTE's Variety of 5G Terminals Debut at MWC 2021 Barcelona

On June 28, the 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2021) kicked off at the Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center. This four-day MWC 2021 Barcelona exhibition will focus on the theme of “Connected Impact”, focus on presenting the most breakthrough 5G technology and related application results, and explore how 5G will reshape our future lifestyle.

ZTE, the world’s leading provider of integrated communication solutions, brought a number of industry-leading mobile internet terminals to its debut, including the latest imaging flagship Axon series, the young trend S series, and intelligent ecological products such as ZTE Watch GT and LiveBuds. Officially released a new generation of 5G home indoor CPE: MC8020, which demonstrated its leading 5G technology hard-core strength to the outside world at a global communications event, and also allowed the world to see the strong innovation power of Chinese technology companies.

A variety of new 5G smart terminals are unveiled, 1+2+N builds a new smart 5G life in all scenarios

In recent years, ZTE is gradually integrating traditional mobile phones, broadband interconnection, terminal chip modules and ecological capabilities to form a “big terminal”, creating a “1+2+N” full-scenario smart ecology, that is, integrating smart phones, personal and family data , Centering on the four major scenarios of sports health, business travel, home education, and audio-visual entertainment, with a wealth of 5G smart ecological products, the full-scene 5G smart lifestyle becomes a reality. At this MWC 2021 Barcelona exhibition site, ZTE also exhibited a variety of 5G personal smart terminals and 5G smart ecological products, leading a new smart 5G life that seamlessly connects all scenarios.

In terms of 5G personal smart terminals, ZTE Corporation has brought a brand-new flagship Axon 30 series of imaging, as well as the ZTE S30 series, which is positioned as a “fashionable mobile phone for young people”. Among them, ZTE Axon 30 Ultra has opened the third era of mobile imaging technology innovation with the industry’s most powerful and pioneering three-main camera array imaging system. It is also based on multi-camera simultaneous recording, all-focus photo shooting, super moon Ultra mode, etc. The innovative imaging function allows users to fully enjoy the immersive shooting fun of moving images. The ZTE S30 series has also won the love of many young consumers with its fashionable appearance and powerful performance.

(ZTE Axon 30 Ultra three shots at the same time and recording at the same time)

At the exhibition site, ZTE also exhibited a variety of home information terminals and integrated innovative terminals, including ecological products such as ZTE Watch GT, Bluetooth headset ZTE LiveBuds, personal portable 5G routers: MU5001, 5G home indoor routers: MC8020, etc. C- IoT personal and household products. The world’s first omnidirectional high gain, ZTE’s third-generation 5G indoor router—MC8020, which debuted for the first time, attracted the attention of many exhibitors. MC8020 supports 5G NSA and SA dual-mode sub6+mmW global frequency bands, and uses unique zlink Boost technology to enable 5G+ wired broadband dual-channel aggregation, and dual Gigabit homes. It supports Wi-Fi 6 AX5400, which is faster than the previous generation Increased by 200%, its four-channel omnidirectional high-gain antenna can be placed at will, and can accommodate 128 users online at the same time, allowing users to enjoy high-speed 5G networks and rich 5G services through smart terminals.

Focusing on the consumer business, ZTE continues to innovate and accelerate the pace of the full return of the terminal

At this exhibition, ZTE’s many innovative terminal products have attracted the attention of the outside world. This is also since Ni Fei was transferred to the general manager of ZTE’s terminal business department and announced that the terminal business has returned to the domestic consumer market. ZTE’s terminal bursts with innovative vitality The epitome of. Based on deep insights into new trends in the smartphone industry, ZTE mobile phones have released a variety of products with high user and market recognition around the two major upgrade points of screens and images. In the near future, ZTE will also release the second generation of under-screen camera phones, which will usher in greater breakthroughs in under-screen technology and bring users a more perfect screen experience. In addition, ZTE’s three major mobile phone brands have obvious integration effects, and the Nubia Z30 series flagship machine has officially returned, continuing the innovative gene; the new Red Magic 6 is launched, and Tencent has jointly created the most powerful mobile game performance benchmark.

ZTE’s attitude towards consumer business is very clear. Consumer business is part of the company’s end-to-end complete communications solution and one of the directions to support future business growth. It will continue to firmly develop consumer business in the 5G era. This year, ZTE has greatly increased its brand investment, aiming to build a younger terminal brand image, and work with the director Zhang Yimou team to build a brand TVC, highlighting the power of Chinese technology that is seen by the world; using Liu Haocun as its new brand spokesperson, with the help of “new generation power” Introduce, create a younger brand image, and arouse the attention of young consumer groups to brands and products.

At the same time, ZTE is also stepping up the construction of offline channels. It plans to invest in the construction of 5,000 retail locations within the year, and 3,000 of them have been established. It will continue to increase investment to establish an offline retail system and strengthen brand communication. ZTE’s first batch of 5G experience halls will also be completed. Through the creation of a 5G industry chain, the full empowerment of terminal channels will be realized. The 5G flagship experience store in Shenzhen will open this summer. Thanks to the multiple efforts of brands, products, and channels, in the first quarter of 2021, ZTE’s consumer business revenue increased by over 60% year-on-year, and the results of heavy efforts have been remarkable. It is foreseeable that ZTE’s terminal will return more and more. Shun.

At this year’s MWC Barcelona exhibition site, the MWC China branch was set up for the first time, connecting China and foreign countries through live broadcasts, virtual venues, etc., so that Chinese audiences can watch wonderful conference content for free, and at the same time spread the voice of China to the world. China’s leading science and technology companies, represented by ZTE, are also using the world’s leading 5G capabilities to inject 5G “hearts” into the world, allowing China’s technological power to be seen by the world.