5G Thousand Yuan New Choice-OPPO A53

According to news on December 17, OPPO today updated the A53 model on the entry-level A series. What is the attraction of this thousand-yuan A53? Let’s take a look.

OPPO A53 uses a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a single-hole design in the upper left corner. The front screen accounted for 90.5%, and it supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz and a sampling rate of 120Hz, which can bring users a more comfortable experience.

In addition to the OPPO A53 mobile phone’s screen, there are sunscreen technology, 4096-level fine dimming, AI smart dimming and other blessings. In addition, there are a series of functions such as eye protection mode, allowing users to spend the day Different scenes such as dark night have a better offline experience.

At present, 5G has been popularized on a large scale, and OPPO A53 is naturally equipped with a chip that supports 5G. A Dimensity 720 built with a 7-nanometer process is used on OPPO’s A53, which can support the two current coexisting 5G network modes of SA and NAS, and achieve good compatibility with 5G, so that users can also have it at a affordable price. 5G experience.

In the actual test, OPPO A53 can easily run much higher than the 4G bandwidth speed. Without the 5G package, it can also receive the 5G signal and reach the 300MB/S bandwidth restricted by the operator. It can be said that compared to 4G, it can have a better network experience, such as playing games, etc., which can be more stable and faster.

The Dimensity 720 on the OPPO A53 also has a good gaming experience. In the popular “Honor of Kings” game, we turned on the highest quality special effects and performed the game experience.

After turning on the highest special effects, OPPO A53 maintained an average frame of 60 frames, which can provide users with a better game running experience.

And in another popular game “Peace Elite”, we opened up to the highest-end image quality allowed in the game. And we finally turned on the ultra-high frame rate mode in “Peace Elite” in the balanced image quality mode. After some actual tests, the average frame is close to 40 frames.

From the actual performance of the above two popular games, we can see that this OPPO A53 can run smoothly in dealing with most of the current games, and due to the 5G functions supported by OPPO A53, the game can be further improved. To reduce network latency.

In addition, OPPO A53 also has a three-shot combination of 16 million main camera + 2 million macro lens + 2 million black and white portrait lens. For daily shooting, the combination of this camera is no problem for daily use.

OPPO A53 also has a battery of up to 4040mAh and supports 10W charging. Pay attention to the daily needs of most users, so as to avoid the constant need to find a power bank.

This OPPO A53 will officially go on sale on December 21, with three colors of streamer purple, lake green, and secret night black. The 4GB+128GB configuration is only 1,299 yuan (USD $186) . From today, you can go to the OPPO official website to make an appointment, and you can enjoy a direct discount of 50.