6.1 inches + A14 processor, iPhone SE Plus is coming?

Last year, Apple suddenly updated a new iPhone SE, which can be said to make many old SE fans cry. Although the appearance is no longer continuous, but the stronger performance and larger size, as a small screen flagship is still very good. The latest news shows that Apple seems to launch a new product called iPhone SE Plus this year.

According to foreign media outlets, the new iPhone SE Plus, as the name suggests, is the big cup version of the iPhone SE, which will be upgraded to 6.1 inches in size and will also be equipped with the latest A14 processor.

In addition, the news also mentioned that it is not clear whether the iPhone SE Plus will use Liu Haiping, but it is expected that the new opportunity will support fingerprint recognition. That is, it adopts a side fingerprint design similar to the iPad Air, which integrates the fingerprint recognition module and the power button.

▲Image source aaple_Lab

In other respects, iPhone SE Plus will be equipped with a 7-megapixel front camera and a 12-megapixel rear camera that supports optical image stabilization. The new machine also supports IP67 water resistance and offers at least three options: black, white and red.

As for the price, it was revealed that the starting price is 499 US dollars, which is about RMB 3,200, which is about 4K.

In general, this machine may be a model with iPhone XR mold. It is expected that there will be more exposure in the future, and interested students can pay attention.