66W super fast charging Honor 50 SE brings safe and fast charging experience

On June 16, Honor launched the Honor 50 series of products. Now three mobile phones including Honor 50 SE, Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro are already on the market. They have also been consumed with up to 100W super fast charging, 100 million pixels, and stunning appearance. The attention of the person. On July 5, Fang Fei, president of the product line of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., told the outside world the original intention of the single-cell design, and shared the development history of Honor’s super fast charging and the charging technology of up to 100W.

Fang Fei said on Weibo that faster, thinner, and more durable are Honor’s original intention to adhere to single-cell technology. Honor 50 Pro supports 100W super fast charging and adopts 4:1 charge pump technology for consumers to enjoy Fast and safe charging experience. Both Honor 50 SE and Honor 50 support 66W super fast charging, and the overall charging experience is also very good. Nowadays, if you want to increase the charging speed, the most direct way is to increase the charging voltage or increase the charging current, and the charging scheme has dual-cell and single-cell designs.

More advantageous single-cell technology

At present, more mobile phone manufacturers use dual-cell fast charging solutions. Although the charging speed can be greatly increased, dual-cells also have certain shortcomings. The battery capacity will be sacrificed to a certain extent through the battery cell series connection. In terms of heat generation, it is also larger than the single-cell design. In addition, the use of dual-cell batteries also occupies a larger internal space in the phone, making the entire body thicker.

Compared with the dual-cell solution, the single-cell design solution does not have these shortcomings. Honor 50 SE adopts a single-cell dual-circuit technical solution, and upgrades the internal structure to a three-pole ear design, which increases the single-cell fast charging power to 66W, which reduces heat consumption and reduces battery capacity loss, thereby Improve charging efficiency.

In terms of time, the 66W super fast charge supported by the Honor 50 SE can be charged from 0% to 75% in 20 minutes, and it only takes 37 minutes to charge.

In addition to the outstanding super fast charging, the Honor 50 SE also has many advantageous selling points. First of all, the design is the same as the Honor 50 series. At the same time, the direct-screen design meets the needs of a large number of direct-screen enthusiasts. In terms of photography, 1 The megapixel is the same model as the Honor 50 Pro, and it is powerful for taking pictures. With the addition of 66W fast charge, it can capture the hearts of many consumers with the price of 2399.

1.1mm frame +120Hz straight screen

The Honor 50 SE uses a straight LCD screen. Through the technology of dispensing first and then assembling, it achieves a 1.1mm side frame, which brings a flagship-like feeling. In addition, the screen-to-body ratio of up to 94.3% gives a lot of visual shock. The block screen also supports 120Hz screen refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate. Whether playing games or watching videos, users have a more immersive visual sense.

In terms of body size and weight, the Honor 50 SE is still very accurate, with a body thickness of 8 mm and a weight of 191 grams. It can be said that the Honor 50 SE is currently the narrowest straight-screen phone on the market. The front look and feel is great. .

The back design of the Honor 50 SE continues the geometric elements of the Honor 50 series, using a dual-ring rear camera module, which is also highly recognizable and consistent with the overall ID style of the Honor 50 series. In addition to the double-ring design, the Honor 50 SE also uses a glass back cover and a multi-layer 3D color film, which can present multi-layer changing color light patterns under light irradiation, which also makes the Honor 50 SE more fashionable.

100 million pixels in 1 second

Honor 50 SE is equipped with a 100-megapixel ultra-high-definition camera. In high-pixel mode, it can directly produce 100 million-pixel extremely clear photos. In daily use, it can also output a single-pixel size through the pixel 9-in-1 technology. 2.1 micron, 12 million pixel photos, not only faster processing speed, but also better dark light details.

The biggest improvement of 100 million pixels is naturally reflected in the resolution of the photo. After the same photo is enlarged, 100 million pixels has a huge advantage in resolution.

In daily use, 12 million pixels can have a higher imaging speed and a larger dynamic range, which is more suitable for daily recording of the beautiful scenery around you.

The night scene mode of the Honor 50 SE is also worthy of use. It can have an effect similar to HDR enhancement, and even the summer light that is easy to overexpose when taking pictures can be clearly recorded.

Dimensity 900 6nm flagship game play

The Honor 50 SE is equipped with the latest MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G chip, which uses the flagship TSMC 6nm process, 2 A78 large cores + 6 A55 small cores, an eight-core design, which can better take into account heavy-duty scenarios. Performance requirements and endurance requirements for daily light tasks bring a better comprehensive experience.

Through the evaluation of various media and third-party evaluation institutions, it can be seen that Honor’s strong R&D strength is reflected in the excellent game performance of Honor 50 SE. In the performance of large-scale mobile games, Honor 50 SE has a very stable overall performance with the highest image quality turned on, with an average frame rate of 60.4, and its performance in temperature control is also extremely good.

At the same time, with GPU Turbo X, 120Hz screen and 240Hz touch sampling rate, new heat dissipation design, etc., the combination of software and hardware makes the performance of mobile games reach a new height.

At the Honor 50 SE press conference, many professional media gave a full experience of this product and gave many praises. Especially the 66W super fast charging, ultra-narrow bezel straight screen, 100 million pixels, etc., have been highly praised by professional media.

The positioning of the Honor 50 SE is more civilian. The price of 8+128GB is only 2399 yuan (USD $343) , and the price of 8+256GB is 2699 yuan (USD $386) . Currently, it is still sold in all channels. If you are a direct-screen fan, then Honor 50 SE You don’t think it can be missed.