8.7-inch screen design iPad mini Pro tablet exposure

Recently, the Korean blog Naver broke the news that Apple is developing a model called “iPad mini Pro”, which is expected to be launched in the second half of this year. This device uses an 8.7-inch screen. Compared with the existing iPad mini 5, the width of the body is increased and the height is reduced.

According to reports, this new iPad has now completed the R&D and planning stages, is now in the design P2 stage, and will enter the DVT P3 verification stage.

Previously, well-known whistleblower Kang also claimed that a “full-screen, small-size iPad” from Apple is currently in the P2 design stage and is still awaiting engineering verification tests.

In addition, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also stated in May last year that the display size of the next-generation “iPad mini” will increase from the current 7.9 inches to between 8.5 and 9 inches. The latest report from the Japanese website Mac Otakara shows , The next generation “iPad mini” will be equipped with an 8.x inch display. Other sources have also reported a similar 8.x inch “iPad mini” size.

However, the new mini they mentioned seems to be different from the mini Pro. Mac Otakara said that the “iPad mini 6” will increase the area by expanding the screen-to-body ratio, and looks similar to the “iPad Air 3”, with a Home button with Touch ID, large upper and lower borders, and a Lightning interface.

And Mac Otakara believes that this updated “iPad mini” will be launched in March, so it may be unveiled later this month.

At present, the latest design update of ‌iPad mini‌ was in 2015. After that, it has been successively repaired and upgraded to mini5 supported by A12 bionic chip, original color display, Bluetooth 5.0 and Apple Pencil. It is expected that Apple will update it in the next few years.

If the news is true, compared to the iPad mini’s advantages in size, coupled with stronger performance, it is expected that the sales of this new product will become an explosive model.