818 buy Huawei nova7 Pro most cost-effective! A wave of welfare is coming

When it comes to Huawei nova7 pro, many friends think of it as an excellent self timer for the first time. It has 32 million focusing dual cameras, and the combination of auto focusing and eye focusing makes people feel the persistence of the machine for self shooting. In addition, Huawei nova7 pro’s 50x periscope zoom Quad camera also has great shooting power, especially the lens that supports up to 50x digital zoom can bring better full scene photographing experience for young people.

Color matching of Huawei nova7 Pro No.7

Telephoto lens can greatly meet the creative desire of photography enthusiasts, and can shoot unexpected pictures in the journey and complete a new composition. The telephoto lens can also be used to shoot sports competitions, concerts or wild animals that are not suitable for human access, which shows that the telephoto is widely used. As an indispensable “companion” in people’s daily life, mobile phones can meet people’s increasing demand for shooting, and Huawei nova7 Pro is for this reason.

Color matching of Huawei nova7 Pro No.7

Huawei nova7 pro’s telephoto lens supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 50x digital zoom, and supports OIS + EIS dual anti shake. It can also stably produce films by hand-held shooting. How about the real shooting effect?

Huawei nova7 Pro

Huawei nova7 Pro long focus shot (5 times)

It can be seen from the actual pictures that there is no obvious color difference in the photos, which indicates that the lens is well adjusted and the image quality is excellent. Of course, the advantage of a telephoto lens is to capture distant objects in more detail.

Huawei nova7 Pro long focus shot (10x)

When the telephoto lens is switched to 10x, the sharpness of the mixed zoom photos does not decrease significantly, especially when viewed on a mobile phone, it is almost the same as that of a 5x zoom. Here I also share a little experience. Although there are algorithms to integrate the hybrid zoom, the quality of the image is still richer than that of the 5x light zoom. If you need to zoom in remotely, it is recommended to switch the lens to 10x.

Huawei nova7 Pro long focus shooting (20x)

Huawei nova7 Pro long focus shooting (30x)

Huawei nova7 Pro long focus shot (50x)

In addition to taking photos with a new composition, the telephoto lens can also become a portable telescope in life. Using the 50 times long focus of Huawei nova7 pro, you can get the road signs in the distance, which is believed to be the operation of many Nova stars. On the Internet, there are also people who use long focus to shoot the QR code in the distance of the basement to complete the payment and departure of vehicles from the depot. The telephoto lens brings more imagination to people with large brain holes.

Color matching of Huawei nova7 Pro No.7

In addition to capturing the beautiful scenery with a telephoto lens, Huawei nova7 Pro can also interact with watches, headphones and other accessories in the 5g era, making life more convenient. For example, when users exercise, they can take Huawei watch GT2 for running, swimming, cycling and other items. After the exercise, they can synchronize the exercise data through the “sports health app” of the mobile phone to achieve scientific and reasonable exercise purposes; at the same time, when using Huawei nova7 When shooting sports vlog or recording fitness teaching video, Pro works with Huawei freebuds3 wireless headset to easily record clear voice and reduce editing trouble in later stage.

It is impossible for mass consumers to buy professional cameras and telephoto lenses. The telephoto mobile phone represented by Huawei nova7 Pro is a good creative tool. For young people, especially college students, the telephoto mobile phone is a more recommended choice. Through telephoto, we can find beauty in life from another perspective.

Now, less than half a month before the launch of the 818 promotion, Huawei nova7 pro, which starts at 3699 yuan (USD $528) , will send out exquisite gifts and limited time promotion discounts on that day. Friends who want to buy can visit Huawei mall and Huawei’s official flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms for details.