818 promotes HP to fight 66 third generation business promotion

For business people who need frequent business trips and mobile office, a business with outstanding performance and excellent portability is the necessary equipment for work. HP and the third generation 66 have a simple appearance. The all metal fuselage design is outstanding in texture, which is very suitable for all kinds of business activities. Moreover, the lightweight fuselage design makes it more convenient for users to go out and carry. In terms of stability, this business has passed the rigorous military level test, and the quality is guaranteed. Next, let’s learn about this artifact.

Appearance: all metal fuselage design is simple and atmospheric

The whole fuselage of the third generation of Zhan 66 adopts a metal material design with outstanding texture. At the same time, the 3D integrated molding process makes the fuselage completely free of stitching traces, and the overall workmanship is excellent. The HP logo of A-side concise version allows this business to perfectly adapt to various business activities.

In terms of screen, the third generation of Zhan 66 is equipped with an IPS anti glare screen, which has two specifications of 14 / 15.6 inches, taking into account the visual effect and portability. At the same time, it supports high color gamut screen, with more delicate display effect and fuller color. With 400 nit screen brightness, it can still see the screen content even in the outdoor high-intensity sunlight, which is very suitable for business people to choose.

In terms of keyboard, the third generation of war 66 adopts the military level configuration. The splash proof keyboard can effectively protect the core hardware inside the fuselage from the erosion of liquid. In addition, in order to better ensure our privacy and security, this business book also provides a biometric fingerprint identification module, which can not only effectively prevent privacy leakage, but also quickly unlock.

Outstanding performance in powerful configuration

The third generation of Zhan 66 is equipped with two versions of the latest sharp dragon 4000 series high-performance processor and the tenth generation core processor. In terms of performance, it has no short board. At the same time, it supports memory expansion up to 32GB, which is convenient for users to upgrade freely in the future. In addition, in terms of storage, the addition of high-capacity PCIe SSDs takes into account both speed and capacity. At the same time, additional hard disk bits are reserved for the third generation of 663, so users can expand according to their own needs.

Security and durability are always important factors when users consider notebook. In order to protect the safety of the mechanical hard disk inside the fuselage, this business also has built-in high-performance cushioning energy absorbing material, which has no problem to deal with the general drop. At the same time, thanks to the professional reinforced airframe design, HP war 66 III has passed 19 U.S. military standard tests including drop, impact and low temperature, and can easily cope with various environments.

Rich interface + WiFi 6 network daily use perfect experience

HP war 66 III is equipped with a full-function type-C interface (DP video output, PD charging), a RJ45 gigabit network cable port, a HDMI 1.4 interface, two USB 3.1 interfaces and 3.5mm headphone ports on the right side of the fuselage, which ensures the lightweight of the fuselage and takes into account the practicability.

HP war 66 III is equipped with a USB 2.0 interface and SD card reader card slot on the left side of the fuselage, which has a very rich and complete expansion interface layout. Through the HDMI + full function type-C interface on the fuselage, double 4K video output can be realized, and three screen linkage can be easily carried out, which greatly improves the office efficiency.

In terms of wireless connection, HP and 66 third-generation Business Edition support the new generation of WiFi 6 wireless protocol. The network speed is increased by nearly 3 times, and the capacity is increased by nearly 4 times. It can obtain high-speed, stable and low delay online experience. At the same time, HP and the third generation of 66 also support the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The Bluetooth transmission speed is faster, the distance is longer, and the connection stability is also significantly improved. It can easily connect Bluetooth peripherals for use, and reduce the obstacles caused by wire in the office process.

In terms of after-sales service, HP notebook also supports the two-year battery warranty service rarely seen in the industry, and one-year accidental warranty. At present, HP notebook is the only brand that bundles the battery with the whole machine for two-year warranty, and does not worry about maintenance problems within two or three years after purchase. At the same time, users can also pay to upgrade to a three-year whole machine warranty + on-site service. When the battery, screen, hard disk and other parts have problems, they can get the warranty service, of which the first year is for on-site maintenance, and the second two years is for repair service. In addition, there are 7×24-hour online customer service, which can solve the problems you encounter in the process of using the product, and completely eliminate the after-sales worries of business people with high time cost.

Just in 818, HP and 66 launched a special promotion. The price is very affordable. The version equipped with Intel’s core i5 processor has dropped by 400 yuan (USD $57) . Now the price is 3999 yuan (USD $571) , which is very cost-effective. In addition, the version equipped with the Ruilong r7-4700u processor was originally priced at 5199 yuan (USD $743) , but now it is priced from 4399 yuan (USD $628) . During the activity, let Lido more, recent users may wish to pay more attention to it.

Activity link: AMD version original price 5199 yuan (USD $743) 818 activity price 4399 yuan (USD $628)

The original price of Intel version is 4399 yuan (USD $628) , 818 yuan (USD $117) and the activity price is 3999 yuan (USD $571)