818 promotion strikes, OnePlus 8 Pro brings multiple benefits into the most fragrant flagship

Halfway through August, the anticipated 818 discount hits. At this time is a good time to replace new mobile phones. Speaking of mobile phones, all major mobile phone manufacturers have launched their high-end flagships this year, and the time is 818. They have launched a lot of preferential benefits. As a representative and leader of domestic brands, OnePlus has always been known for its strength and fashion. They launched the OnePlus 8 Pro flagship mobile phone this year, which has actually dropped 400 yuan (USD $57) , and there are 24 interest-free installments, and preferential efforts. quite big.

Throughout this year’s high-end flagship market, OnePlus 8 Pro can be said to be a unique existence. In terms of appearance, it is highly recognizable. It uses the fifth-generation AG glass process, and its glass haze reaches 72%, the highest in the industry. The front of the OnePlus 8 Pro uses a curved hole-digging screen, and with the cutting-edge COP packaging technology, it presents a borderless visual experience. In addition, it also provides three colors of blues, blue sky and black mirror, further enhancing its appearance.

The most important reason why OnePlus 8 Pro can become popular after its release is that it uses a flexible screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz + 2K resolution. High refresh rate can bring an extremely smooth and smooth experience, while high resolution brings more detailed and delicate pictures. OnePlus 8 Pro received the A+ certification after being sent to the authoritative screen organization DisplayMate after its debut, and it “smoothly” broke 13 screen world records, becoming one of the best screens in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus aims to bring users a better screen experience and display effect. It is also equipped with an independent MEMC motion compensation chip for OnePlus 8 Pro. The chip supports dynamic frame insertion, which can insert low frame rate video pictures up to 120 frames, bringing more detailed effects to users.

As a representative of the domestic high-end flagship, the performance of OnePlus 8 Pro can’t fall, it uses the Snapdragon 865 processor and supports 5G networks. Compared with the previous generation Qualcomm processor, it has a huge improvement in CPU, energy efficiency and graphics rendering capabilities. It has a large core of Cortex-A77 architecture, the highest frequency can reach 2.84GHz, is the standard processor of the current high-end flagship of the Android camp. Coupled with the excellent system algorithm of OnePlus, OnePlus 8 Pro can deal with large-scale mobile games such as “QQ Speed” and “Peace Elite” calmly and easily.

As for the price, the OnePlus 8 Pro, which was originally priced at 5399 yuan (USD $771) , has already achieved excellent reputation and sales at home and abroad. Now it is worth 818. Users who choose to buy OnePlus 8 Pro can get an immediate discount of 400 yuan (USD $57) . The price starts at only 4999 yuan (USD $714) . And it also supports 24 installments of interest-free activities, with daily payments starting at only 6.9 yuan (USD $1) . Recently, there are friends who want to change machines, don’t miss this good opportunity.