865 plus LG V60 thinq exposure: different versions of the same model as G9 thinq

On January 9, the informant slashleaks released a spy photo of LG V60 thinq glass panel, which contains three colors.

It is worth noting that the LG V60 thinq is exactly the same as the previously exposed LG G9 thinq rendering.


V60 ThinQ

Foreign media phone arena pointed out that this means that LG V60 thinq and LG G9 thinq are actually different versions of the same model. Among them, LG V60 thinq supports 5g network and is LG’s new generation 5g flagship.

Before that, the g8x thinq and LG v50s thinq launched by LG are also different versions of the same model, among which v50s thinq is 5g version and g8x thinq is 4G version, which are sold to different markets.

In terms of core configuration, you can know the parameters of V60 thinq according to the exposed LG G9 thinq parameters. It uses a 6.8-inch OLED display, equipped with the flagship platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 865, with four cameras behind it, and runs Android 10, with 3.5mm headphone holes reserved.

It is reported that LG may release V60 thinq and G9 thinq on mwc2020. Of course, the above two flagship products may also be released later. After all, the previous G8 thinq didn’t go on sale until early April, while the V50 thinq was launched in May, so LG may not launch new products soon.