900 million starts the peak moment! Jiumu double 11 global championship night ignites the fire of Honor

On November 10th, the night of the Global Champions of Jiumu and Animal Husbandry Double 11 was grandly opened, the champion group was super assembled, the champion charity was officially launched, and the "Fage's Shop" debuted, presenting a Chinese technology, a Chinese champion, and a Chinese spirit to global consumers. The feast!

As of 00:05 on November 11th, the sales of JOMOO brand exceeded 900 million, and the number of viewers on the whole platform exceeded 17 million, setting a new industry record again.


Yu Chuanfu, second-level inspector of Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Fu Yisong, fourth-level investigator of E-commerce Division of Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Hong Liangquan, member of the party group and second-level investigator of Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Fan Jia, member of the Standing Committee of Nan'an Municipal Party Committee, Wu Zhenqiang, deputy mayor of Nan'an Municipal People's Government , Huang Junjia, Director of Nan'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Zhen Yingkun, Deputy General Manager of Beijing China Sports Brokerage Management Co., Ltd., Lao Dewen, Deputy Director of China Electric Power Research Institute Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Xie Xiaobao, Director of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, Lin Xiaofa, Chairman of Jiumu Group , Lin Sinan, Vice Chairman of Jiumu Group, Lin Youse, Executive President of Jiumu Group, Lin Xiaowei, Vice President of Jiumu Group, and other leaders attended the live broadcast to witness Jiumu’s "above the champion, there is a legend"!

Champion Tian Tuan ignites Double 11 to reappear "winning moment"

The championship has no end, only a permanent breakthrough. Lin Xiaofa, chairman of Jiumu, said in his opening speech that Jiumu has won double eleven for ten consecutive years, and this year will bring you a brand new experience.


That night, Wang Liping, the 20km race walking champion at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Luo Xuejuan, the women’s 100-meter breaststroke champion at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Lin Yue, the men’s double 10-meter platform champion at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the 2012 London Olympics men’s gymnastics team Champion Guo Weiyang, 2016 Rio Olympic women's volleyball champion Wei Qiuyue, synchronized swimming world champions Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting, former women's basketball nationals and the 2011 Asian Championships women's basketball champion Xu, represented by the eight Olympic champions, airborne in the live broadcast room of Jiu Mu, incarnate as a cargo anchor Lead the audience to pick good things immersively and go on a new journey to a better life.

The first athlete protection plan to protect "the pride of the country"

“Champions are not achieved in a day. It is Jiumu’s 30 years of persisting in quality and innovation that has established Jiumu’s leading position.” Wang Liping commented after experiencing the ecology of Jiumu’s products.


As a national brand, Jiumu pays tribute to the spirit of Olympic champions and launched the country's first athlete protection program on the "Double Eleven Global Championship Night". It uses champion quality to protect healthy sports and loves to help the motherland become stronger! Let Chinese athletes feel relieved to exercise and health Winning the championship also allowed the world to witness the "Chinese speed" and "Chinese spirit".


The spirit of the Olympics is the spirit of China. The flame of champions will never be extinguished, and the national progress will continue. Lin Xiaofa said that the Olympic champion is a Chinese meritorious service. Jiumu joined hands with the champion team to open Double Eleven, which is to cheer for the Olympics, for the Winter Olympics, and for the health of the whole people. Jiumu also cooperated with the Olympic champion to continue the "National Public Welfare Program for Water Saving in Primary and Secondary Schools" to protect the health of teachers and students and warm the future of the motherland.

"Fage's Shop" debuts with Huimin Huimin, President

This cross-zero live broadcast festival is also the first appearance of "Fage's Store" from online to offline. "Fa Ge's Store" is opened with Lin Xiaofa as the brand IP, providing consumers with an excellent one-stop kitchen and bathroom procurement platform. On the same day, the entire line of "Fage's Shop" products received in-depth inspections from national audiences. With the utmost sincerity of "President's Insuring Price", they satisfied consumers' love for quality life.


Through a series of fun tests such as uninterrupted toilet watering test and 500 small balls to detect the effect of flushing at the same time, Lin Xiaowei, the post-90s delivery officer of Jiu Mu, and the Olympic champion subvert the traditional live delivery model, presenting "visible" to netizens Product function, from "above quality", "above technology", "above design" and "above service" all-round display the powerful charm of the sanitary ware brand "above the champion", making everyone happy during the ceremony , Buy comfortably.

Excellent national brand is the DNA of Chinese spirit. Jiumu, which has ranked first in the industry for nine consecutive years in brand value, once again expresses the struggle and innovation power of national enterprises with its red record, and its strength interprets the new pattern of "above the champion" , While leading the industry to move forward, it also bursts out vigorous Chinese power on the world stage!