A cheaper 5g? Coolpad X10 to be released

Coolpad, once one of the four giants of China cool Union, has returned to the market again in the silence of several years. According to the official microblog of Coolpad mobile phone, Coolpad will launch a new 5-gigabyte mobile phone with purple light zhanrui and China Telecom on the afternoon of August 12.

According to the information disclosed, this machine is equipped with Huben t7510 or t7520 series SOC of Ziguang zhanrui. Zhanrui t7510 is made of 12mm technology, with four 2.0GHz arm cortex-a75 processors and four 1.8GHz arm cortex-a55 processors, and the chunteng v5105g baseband is attached. Zhanrui t7520 is the SOC newly released by purple light this year. It adopts 6 mm EUV process, 4 arm cortex-a76 cores and 4 arm cortex-a55 cores, and the baseband is integrated into the SOC.

Coolpad X10 may be subsidized by China Telecom and sold through China Telecom channels. With the support of the state for domestic chips, Coolpad X10 5g mobile phone should be the cheapest 5g mobile phone so far. Combined with the current 5g boom, it is believed that it will be a new choice for many phone changers.