A fashion show that young people can’t miss

In May 2018, realme, a domestic mobile phone brand, officially appeared. As a “afterwave” of the mobile phone industry, realme has a rapid development overseas with its newborn calf. Last year, Q3 achieved the sales of 10 million sets, ranking the seventh in the global mobile phone shipment volume, with an increase of 808%, becoming the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world. At the same time, realme started to make efforts in China last year, and brought X50 series 5g new machines. One year after returning to China, realme has made a new move and officially appeared in China joy 2020 held on July 31.

The first appearance of realme in ChinaJoy 2020 has brought a lot of surprises. It has built the most fashionable “true me smart flash charging station” exhibition hall in the history of CJ. It also carries the realme X50 series mobile phones, bringing the ultimate 5g play experience for the vast number of exhibitors and fans. As you can see, there is an endless stream of users who are very interested in all kinds of products displayed by realme. After the trial, they said, “realme has made me the most real myself”.

Among the technologies on display, the most dazzling one is realme “65W smart flash charging”. After charging for 3 minutes, the blood can be returned quickly, and it can be turned black for 1 hour. Many players on the scene used realme 5g mobile phones to match the Honor of the king. They experienced and enjoyed the extreme pleasure brought by smart flash charging. They played while charging and competed for the qualification of the 5g vanguard arena of the 2020 QQ masters competition, namely, Xiaolong E-sports hero club.

Since you want to play, realme means to play hard. In this China joy 2020, realme and leading, a well-known domestic automobile brand, jointly exhibited a high-performance car. This high-quality, high-performance, high-speed car is compatible with the realme 5g mobile phone, which is also famous for its performance and fuselage design. Through this cross-border “real ability” CP, tourists can enjoy extreme speed. While watching, they will not forget to take photos and punch cards.

As the fastest growing mobile phone brand last year, realme did not slack off. After entering 2020, realme will catch up with the success. According to the mobile phone report of Q2 in 2020 released by counterpoint, an authoritative organization, realme has been growing against the trend and continuously leapfrogging. It and apple have become the only two brands in Q2 with an increase in shipping volume. Moreover, realme has also become the only brand with a growth rate of more than two digits. It is worth mentioning that after Q2, realme’s global market share doubled, with a year-on-year growth of 100%.

Not only has the growth been amazing, but realme is also the mobile phone brand most willing to play with young players. Realme has set off a storm at home and abroad. In China, realme held a real fan festival to celebrate with fans. Through this China joy, the majority of players realized the personality of realme. In Egypt, Africa, realme watched the African Cup football match with fans. As you can see, every year realmes are growing and showing off with young people in innovative ways.