A new experience combining beauty and technology, China Mobile releases a new terminal brand and NZONE S7 series 5G mobile phones

In June of this year, my country’s 5G commercial license issuance has just ushered in the second anniversary, and the results of the vigorous development of the 5G industry are obvious to all. As the world’s largest 5G operator, China Mobile has accumulated more than 460,000 5G network base stations. One out of every three 5G base stations in the world comes from China Mobile. 5G signals have covered urban areas above prefectures and cities, some counties and key areas across the country. .

The number of 5G package users exceeds 200 million. China Mobile will build a cooperative ecosystem and comprehensively promote the construction of new brands of 5G terminals with the help of the three major advantages of user market scale, network coverage and brand service capabilities; and strive to solve the current 5G industry’s problems with independent innovation. The problem of uneven development and incomplete popularization.

In the past, China Mobile once launched the three major brands of Global Communication, M-ZONE, and Shenzhouxing, as well as their respective slogans. Everyone is familiar with them, and they have become the common memory of a generation for a time. Especially the dynamic zone M-ZONE, as a brand for young people, once it came out, ZONE became synonymous with the trend and youth of the time.

On June 22 this year, in order to promote the development of the digital economy, China Mobile actively played a leading role in the industry, joined the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and launched a new terminal brand NZONE. In the name of the NZONE brand, you can see the value proposition of China Mobile’s launch of the brand and its face to the crowd. NZONE’s N stands for “NEXT”, which means exploring the future, never knowing what will happen in the next moment, but also because of this, the future and the unknown are interesting and adventurous, which inspires young people to be fearless and indomitable. To explore.

This N can also stand for “NEW”, representing the novelty of experience. The NZONE brand is committed to providing novel and peculiar experiences and interesting gameplay for young people who love to chase trends. It can also represent “Net”, which represents connection identity. It has two meanings. The first is connection. Each of us uses phones and social tools to connect with other people every day. More importantly, it is the identity behind the connection. Deep down in everyone’s heart, they are eager to find a group of like-minded partners who can get more recognition.

Exploring the future, experiencing novelty, and connecting identity are the value propositions of NZONE. At the same time, ZONE is also an exclusive space. Here, China Mobile hopes that users can be themselves, boldly pursue differences, and be recognized, find their own circle, and create a trendy play space that truly belongs to Generation Z.

At the same time, China Mobile is still at the press conference, bringing consumers a new 5G mobile phone product NZONE S7 Pro 5G, bringing consumers a new experience combining beauty and technology. The new NZONE S7 Pro 5G adopts a 6.6-inch 20:9 unbounded full-view screen design, with a resolution of up to 2400*1080, a screen-to-body ratio of up to 94.2%, a large screen and a small body, with a PPI of up to 399. NZONE S7 Pro 5G is designed to be beautiful The pursuit brings challenges to traditional craftsmanship.

NZONE S7 Pro 5G comes standard with a 40W super fast charging solution. According to mobile terminal laboratory data testing, NZONE S7 Pro 5G can be charged with 25% power within 10 minutes, and you can watch two hours of movies. NZONE S7 Pro 5G is equipped with a 7nm 5G chip and a variety of 5G enhancement technologies to achieve a comprehensive evolution of 5G experience. With the help of China Mobile’s information platform, NZONE S7 Pro 5G shoulders the mission of connecting digital services to consumers’ 5G life.