A new generation of 5G God U is coming! The starting model is stable?

News on March 19, this morning, @ Honor mobile official Weibo announced the release time of the Honor 30S new product. Judging from the poster, this new product made by "Core" will be released online on March 30. Earlier, Zhao Ming, President of Honor, said on Weibo that it would announce a full "core" work today. From this point of view, Honor 30S is likely to be equipped with Kirin 820 chip for the first time.

It is understood that Kirin 820 is a super-powered processor that focuses on the mid-to-high-end mobile phone market. It will use G77 GPUs for the first time. Its performance is greatly upgraded compared to Kirin 810, which is called a "leapfrog chip", or it will become a new generation of 5G God. U. Xiong Junmin, vice president of the Honor Business Department, said that the Honor 30S will bring users a flagship 5G experience and is expected to change the competitive landscape of the 5G mobile phone market.

According to current breaking news, Honor 30S may adopt the design scheme of full-screen glamorous eyes and provide gradient white and orange colors. In configuration, or using side fingerprint recognition technology, a 40W charger is standard. The camera will be equipped with a rectangular quad camera module, similar to the back design of the Honor V30.

At present, when you visit the official flagship store of Tmall Honor, you can see the preview page of Honor 30S. Interested friends can buy first, more surprises will be announced on the 30th.