A new generation of Mazda 6 renderings exposed, 3.0T six-cylinder + rear drive

In the Chinese market, Mazda has always been the Japanese car company with the lowest sense of existence, but it is precisely this product concept that does not follow the trend and has gained many fans.

Apart from the release of the CX-30 in May and the overseas version of the MX-30 in October, Mazda has no new cars. At the beginning of this year, Mazda announced that it will conduct retreats in the next two years to bring you powerful products.

In its financial report in November this year, Mazda announced the power platform it will use in the future. In addition to the new hybrid solution, the most eye-catching is the new inline six-cylinder engine. So where will this six-cylinder engine be used? The current rumor is the new Mazda 6.

The current Mazda 6 Atez is still the old platform, while the new Mazda 3 Angkesaila and CX-30 are built with the brand new SKYACTIV-X platform, and the safety configuration has been greatly improved.

At present, some foreign media have drawn a hypothetical map of the new Mazda 6. It is speculated that the new car will be built using the new FR vertical rear-wheel drive platform. The power system will have a big surprise. It is equipped with an in-line six-cylinder SKYACTIV-X engine and is equipped with a 48V light-hybrid system. The expected release time is 2022.

Judging from the renderings, the new Mazda 6 has more lines on the body, and the tail has a slip-back design, which is very sporty. The grille is hexagonal, but the lights do not have the family-style design of round eyes.

It is reported that the length of the new car will reach 4900mm and the wheelbase will be 2850mm. The model will be larger than the current Accord Camry.

Director’s comment: I believe that many people are drooling over Mazda’s six-cylinder engine, and they have begun to replenish the unity of people and horses. But the reality is that in this environment of energy saving and emission reduction, it is almost impossible for Mazda’s six-cylinder engine to be imported into China. If it is introduced, the high displacement tax will further increase the price of the car. Will you still buy the Ma 6 that starts at 250,000?