A picture to understand the ultimate form of Xiaomi's third-generation under-screen camera technology, the full screen is here

On August 28, Xiaomi officially announced the official release of the third-generation under-screen camera technology, and stated that it has perfect display and selfie effects. Officially, it is called the “ultimate form of full screen” and will be mass-produced next year. In addition, the official also specially produced a long picture to introduce the third-generation screen camera technology.

一图看懂小米第三代屏下相机技术 全面屏终极形态来了

According to reports, although the first two generations of under-screen camera technology initially achieved screen transparency, the display accuracy has been compromised, and the display area density is only half of the ordinary display area. Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology uses a new self-developed pixel arrangement, which allows the screen to transmit light through the sub-pixel gap area, so that each unit pixel can still retain a complete RGB sub-pixel display without sacrificing pixel density. Xiaomi’s under-screen camera solution achieves full display of point-to-point physical pixels, achieving the same color accuracy, color gamut, and brightness, making it difficult to detect the presence of under-screen cameras.

In addition, the issue of under-screen camera self-portrait is not clear enough, the third generation of Xiaomi under-screen camera technology has also been well resolved, due to the increase in light transmittance and the optimization of Xiaomi’s self-timer algorithm, it can achieve almost the same level as the normal front camera. Undifferentiated imaging performance.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi’s new machine equipped with an under-screen camera will be officially mass-produced next year.