A review of hot summer purchase: Huawei nova7 se adds new benefits

As the school season approaches, many students will want to buy a 5g mobile phone with high appearance and high performance. Huawei nova7 se, with its super performance and image strength, has been favored by consumers as soon as it comes into the market. Considering the price and performance, Huawei nova7 se is indeed a mobile phone suitable for students and friends. In addition, during the booming period of 818, there are 50 and 6 interest free benefits, which can be considered by students who need to change their phones.

Although positioning is a mid-range model, Huawei nova7 se has a strong configuration. First of all, it has a very strong performance in terms of images. It uses 64 million pixel post set four camera combination, and has high-definition, ultra wide angle, macro-range and depth of field lenses. Students’ gatherings, sports scenes and travel scenes can be recorded at any time. The main photo is F1.8 photosensitive area with 1/1.7 aperture and 1/1.7 inch, and it supports Quadra pixel four in one algorithm. The light is larger and can capture more light. The photo effect is naturally better and make complaints about the picture clearer.

Record 4K video, make it vivid. It can meet the creative needs of outdoor, indoor and other environments, whether daily shooting, short video or live broadcast, can be clearly presented. Huawei nova7 se brings life to life.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova7 se also supports the post dual scene video function, which solves the pain point that most students can only use one lens to record the world style when they travel in summer. Record what you see and think from a dual perspective, open a new video mode, and leave more profound memories of summer travel. This function subverts the traditional vlog recording mode and brings new and interesting vlog shooting methods to young people. Since then, double highlights are dominated by you.

In addition, Huawei nova7 SE’s Kirin 820 chip is also very powerful. With the 7Nm process, the main frequency frequency reaches 2.36ghz, and the basic processing performance is improved by 27% compared with the previous generation. Compared with the previous generation, the new mali-g57gpu architecture improves the graphics processing ability by 25% and the smoothness of eating chicken is greatly improved. In addition, thanks to Huawei’s foresight in 5g, the 5g network experience of Kirin 820 chip can be said to be very perfect. It supports SA / NSA dual mode and 5g frequency band of all domestic operators. Both 5g signal strength and network speed are in the lead at the same price. There is no need to worry about no signal on the playground or high-speed rail back to school.

For college students, it is important to extend the service. Huawei nova7 se has built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery + 40W Huawei super fast charging technology, which can fully charge 70% of the power in 30 minutes. Moreover, it is guaranteed by the German Rhine t Ü V fast charging certification. Even if you forget to charge when you travel, a meal can be revived, which will bring you a happy experience for the majority of students in the summer vacation.

In general, Huawei nova7 se has won the favor of the majority of consumers with its superior performance and image strength. With the approach of 818, various major welfare activities are coming one after another. At the end of this week, Huawei nova7 se has won the favor of consumers Se has also introduced 50 and 6 interest free benefits. If the price is as low as 2349, it is very friendly to college students. If you need to change planes in summer, you can go to Huawei mall and Huawei flagship stores of major e-commerce platforms for details.