A variety of new Samsung folding screens are exposed, the latest model will be equipped with S Pen

In the field of folding screen mobile phones, Samsung can be said to be the only one. If nothing happens, Samsung will launch the third new foldable screen Galaxy Z Fold 2 in September. Recently, there is new news. Samsung is currently developing three new folding screens: Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold Lite and Galaxy Z Fold S.

As early as a few days ago, there were rumors that Samsung was about to launch a cheap version of a foldable screen phone, the model of this machine is SM-F415. At present, a South Korean whistleblower @hwangmh01 revealed on an overseas website that this cheap Samsung folding screen phone will use CPI material instead of the higher-end UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) material of the Galaxy Z Fold2 Android.

It is worth mentioning that the screen material of the original Galaxy Z Fold is a CPI display. The disadvantage of this screen is that it is easily damaged and low in cost. However, considering that it is a folding screen phone, it is understandable that the cheap version of the folding screen phone with the model SM-F415 uses CPI material.

In addition, the whistleblower also claimed that the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 will not only retain the UTG material, but will also use the S Pen pen, but the price may increase, and it may become the most expensive folding screen phone of Samsung.