A14X Bionic performance may be comparable to i9-9880H, at least the running score is like this

Not surprisingly, Apple will use the A14X Bionic chip in the next-generation iPad Pro, which uses TSMC’s 5nm process to bring higher performance and better energy efficiency. Recently @Luke Miani broke the news a set of data, including A14X running points.

This set of data is the GeekBench 5 running scores of Apple’s chips in recent years. According to @Luke Miani, based on the currently known parameters, he speculates that the performance of the A14X is almost the same as the Intel i9-9880H, which acts as an 8-core The processor is for the notebook field and requires a lot of heat dissipation. For example, the previous 16-inch MacBook Pro was equipped with this processor.

In fact, the A12X released two years ago in the iPad Pro has been able to match the i5 processor used by the MacBook Pro at the time. This year, the A12Z-based Mac mini DTK also performed well.

It is worth noting that according to the content of this report, the performance of Apple A14 is basically on par with that of A12X. This chip will be used in the iPhone 12 series of smart phones and some iPad products that may be updated next year.