About to enter the university hall, OnePlus 8 Pro becomes the best university entrance ceremony for young people

Halfway through August, it also marks the end of this year’s summer vacation. For the students who are ready to enter the university hall after the college entrance examination, the end of the summer is also the beginning of another period of their lives-entering the university hall and accepting the baptism of society. Entering a new stage of life, it is time to have a new mobile phone. Speaking of new mobile phones, there are many new 5G phones released this year, so which one is most suitable for newcomers who are about to enter university?

Among the various new 5G machines this year, OnePlus’ new flagship OnePlus 8 Pro can be said to be a unique existence. OnePlus has always had its own style and temperament suitable for young people, and it is improving every year. Its OnePlus 7 series released last year brought a trend-setting 90Hz fluid screen. And when many manufacturers started chasing 90Hz screens this year, OnePlus once again achieved a breakthrough and released a 120Hz flexible screen, which has both hand and look.

After its debut, this phone has been loved by many young people at home and abroad. Its highlights are full. First of all, the design of the body. OnePlus 8 Pro uses the fifth-generation AG glass process, and the glass haze is the best in the industry. , Reaching 72%. On the front is a hole-digging flexible screen with a delicate touch. Coupled with the three colors of Blues, Blue Sky and Black Mirror designed by OnePlus for young people, it brings both beauty and excellent touch.

The biggest feature of OnePlus 8 Pro is definitely this flexible screen with 2K resolution + 120Hz refresh rate. Regardless of the game experience, users can enjoy a smooth, delicate, detailed, and unprecedented experience. After its debut, this screen not only satisfied users, it also successfully conquered well-known overseas testing institutions. In the process of submitting to the test screen agency DisplayMate, it received A+ evaluation and broke 13 screen records worldwide.

In terms of processor, OnePlus 8 Pro is equipped with the necessary Snapdragon 865 processor for high-end flagships in the Android camp. Compared with the previous generation products, Snapdragon 865 has greatly improved energy efficiency, CPU and graphics rendering capabilities. OnePlus’ excellent system algorithm, OnePlus 8 Pro can easily control large-scale mobile games such as “QQ Speed” and “Peace Elite”.

As for the price that everyone cares about, OnePlus 8 Pro has two models: 8+128GB and 12+256GB. At present, OnePlus has given a lot of discounts, and you can buy 400 yuan (USD $57) off immediately, of which the former sells for 5399 yuan (USD $771) , and the price is only 4999 yuan (USD $714) . The latter is priced at 5999 yuan (USD $857) , which is only 5599 yuan (USD $800) . In addition, it also supports 6 interest-free instalments. The daily payment is only 27.7 yuan (USD $4) and you can get it. There are young people who want to replace the new machine in the near future. Don’t miss it.