Accelerate the construction of "5G+" China Mobile and Hualu Group sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement

Home of iMobile, September 10 news. A few days ago, China Mobile announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hualu Group in Beijing, and stated that the two parties will cooperate in basic communication business, 5G+ innovation, cloud infrastructure and cloud capabilities, and ecosystem Cooperation in six areas including system integration, cultural media and content services, investment and financing.

Guohualu Group Co., Ltd. was established on June 18, 2000. It is a large state-owned enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of audio and video products and related application technologies. The purpose is to develop China's video recorder industry and build the world's most advanced audiovisual products. The key parts production base is engaged in multimedia information recording, storage, processing and application, creating and satisfying people's fashionable life.

The cooperation between China Mobile and Hualu will accelerate the integration of 5G and related industrial chains. The two parties expressed that they will take this opportunity to jointly promote the construction of 5G+ smart manufacturing and 5G+ smart city, and jointly promote the ecological cooperation and construction of the “data lake”.