Accelerate the promotion of full-scenario flash charging OPPO further opens up flash charging technology authorization

On February 23, MWC21 officially opened in Shanghai. As the first large-scale event after the beginning of the year, the exhibitors and products are quite rich, including the previously announced exhibition with the theme of “Ronghui for Good” OPPO. In addition to the regular booth, OPPO also held a flash charging ecological communication meeting during the conference, and held a flash charging technology authorization ceremony with FAW-Volkswagen, Anker (Anker Innovation), NXP (NXP Semiconductor) and other well-known technology companies.

From the partners participating in the communication meeting, it can be seen that OPPO is obviously accelerating the construction of a full-scene flash charging ecosystem. Among them, there are not only well-known third-party accessory manufacturers such as Anker, and important supply chain partners such as NXP, but also the first time. Automobile brands such as FAW-Volkswagen have further strengthened the ecological coverage of fast charging in the travel field, allowing users to experience the improved experience brought by OPPO flash charging in more diverse scenarios.

In the fast charging field, OPPO VOOC flash charging has always played the leading role. The low-voltage and high-current design it first adopted is now the mainstream design idea in the industry. In 2018, the Tyre laboratory and OPPO and other standard drafting units jointly drafted The standard YDB 195-2018 “Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Fast Charging of Mobile Communication Terminals” has also been upgraded to an industry standard.

In July last year, OPPO put forward a new vision of “everything can be flash charged” at the communication meeting, and simultaneously released 125W super flash charging, 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charging, 50W super flash biscuit charger and 110W super flash mini charger. A variety of products, including ultra-high power wireless/wired fast charging, ultra-portable/miniaturized design and other diversified development directions.

Anker 38W charging head (support VOOC flash charging)

Moreover, in addition to its own research and development of more cutting-edge and more advanced technologies and equipment, OPPO is also continuously strengthening its own flash charging ecology. Since 2018, OPPO has successively opened VOOC flash charging patent technology authorization to more than 40 companies, covering Charger chips, power banks, car chargers, charging piles and more terminals, so we can see that professional third-party accessory manufacturers like Anker also have multi-port chargers/car chargers that support VOOC flash charging, enriching users’ select.

The accelerated implementation of OPPO’s flash charging ecosystem is due to the powerful patented flash charging technology system behind it. As of December 2020, OPPO has applied for more than 2,950 fast charging patents worldwide, and has authorized nearly 1,400 patents. More than 175 million users worldwide have experienced the ultimate flash charging experience through mobile phones equipped with VOOC flash charging technology, leading the way VOOC’s technology and a large number of users have built the foundation of the VOOC flash charging ecosystem. Coupled with the opening of VOOC patent authorization and the participation of more industry partners, the value of VOOC patents is constantly increasing, including barrier patents, industry standards, and technical certifications. The fast charging patent ecosystem is also expanding and improving.

As VOOC flash charging technology continues to enter more life scenarios, the idea that everything can flash charging is also expected to become a reality with the joint efforts of OPPO and partners.