Accidentally leading the industry, Full interpretation of Find X2 Pro screen technology

To get an excellent mobile movie viewing experience, an excellent screen is indispensable. Find X2 Pro is equipped with a high-quality 120Hz screen, in addition to various configuration enhancements to enhance the viewing experience, let's take a look at the advantages of Find X2 Pro in the viewing part.

In terms of screen specifications, Find X2 Pro uses a 6.78-inch curved AMOLED screen that supports 120Hz refresh rate + 3k resolution (3168 * 1440) + 240Hz touch sampling rate. This screen also supports 1 billion color display and 100% coverage The film industry-grade P3 has a wide color gamut, and the color accuracy is up to an average of JNCD 0.4, which has a very good performance in terms of color reproduction and fineness of the picture.

The excellent screen quality alone can bring quite good picture effects, but the Find X2 Pro is far more than that.

In terms of video playback, in order to make better use of the advantages of high-refresh screens, Find X2 Pro has added the O1 super-sensitive image quality engine, which can realize the function of Video Clear (Motion Clear). When it is increased to 60 or even 120 frames, it will bring better picture fluency and enhance the viewing experience. At present, it supports Tencent Video, Tencent Sports, iQiyi, Youku and other applications, and you can feel the improvement in daily movie viewing.

Find X2 Pro's screen has passed HDR10 + certification. Only high-quality HDR content can make better use of this feature. At present, most of the content is just ordinary SDR video, which lacks high-quality HDR video content support. The SDR to HDR technology in Find X2 Pro can change this situation. Through SDR to HDR technology, the texture of ordinary video can be enhanced in real time, and the expressiveness of the picture can be improved. This feature has been adapted for mainstream video applications such as Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku and so on.

In addition to using technology to enhance the viewing experience, Find X2 Pro also provides better playback effects by adapting video software. Many video platforms have restrictions on models. Unmatched models cannot play high-quality video content, and adapted models can enjoy higher-quality video content.

Find X2 Exclusive 120fps Tencent Zhencai World VIP

The latest Tencent video app has launched the Zhencai audiovisual function, which achieves the best audio and video combination through HDR10 + high frame rate + surround sound effect + high resolution. Through HDR10 technology, you can present more perfect picture contrast, detailed performance, color reproduction, etc., each frame can have a shocking visual experience. The frame rate of the video can be up to 120 frames. When paired with the 120Hz screen of the Find X2 Pro, it can bring silky and smooth picture effects. The stereo surround sound developed by Tencent Video takes the listening experience to a new level.

The Find X2 series has preferentially adapted the Tencent video audio and video functions. Tencent Video VIP users can directly enjoy the high-quality video content in the Zenix audiovisual zone, which can bring a completely different viewing experience from ordinary video content.

Find X2 Pro has also passed the YouTube device certification, which can play clearer HDR video, 360 ° panoramic video, 2K / 4K video, etc., and can make better use of the advantages of Find X2 Pro screen. In addition, it is also adapted to the Netflix platform.

In the sound section, the Find X2 Pro is equipped with dual stereo speakers and supports Dolby Atmos. The volume of the upper and lower speakers is relatively close. When held in horizontal viewing, it can create a very three-dimensional sound effect. When paired with a shocking screen, it can obtain an excellent viewing experience.

Find X2 Pro also has core configuration blessings such as the Snapdragon 865 chip and 65W super flash charger, which can bring a comprehensive flagship experience. When 5G is popular, it will become easier to watch ultra high-definition content online, which will also greatly improve movie viewing on mobile phones. If you want a phone with a very good viewing experience, Find X2 Pro can meet your needs.