Ace 2 released in April or missed OPPO 40W wireless charging

On the news of March 26, Zhang Jialiang, the chief scientist of OPPO VOOC flash charging, posted a Weibo: Listening to product colleagues, the 40W wireless charging we make will be commercial this year. It is confirmed from official channels that OPPO will indeed launch wireless charging technology, and the charging power reaches 40W.

OPPO's technology in mobile phone charging has always been ahead of its peers. From the initial "five minutes of charging and two hours of talk" to today's 65W super flash charge, the charging speed belongs to the industry's first-class level. With the popularization of wireless charging technology in the past two years, many flagship machines have added wireless charging technology, and consumers are calling on OPPO to launch their own wireless charging technology soon. To this day, the speed of OPPO wireless charging has finally reached the ideal expectation, and will be officially commercialized this year.

So which product is expected to debut OPPO's 40W wireless charging? According to the current product line, it is estimated that a new generation of Reno Ace 2 will be released in April, but a lot of news has shown that in order to achieve a thin and light feel of about 190 grams, it is likely to give up wireless charging technology.

Although Ace 2 may not be equipped with 40W wireless charging technology, but the parameters are still very bright in all aspects. The high refresh rate screen, combined with the Snapdragon 865 flagship processor, brings a smooth, high-performance gaming experience. The rear Oreo camera module with a circular design and 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor also achieves the standard of current flagship cameras. In addition, it also supports 65W super flash charge, has a thin and light body of about 190 grams, and maintains the high-performance characteristics of the Ace series as a whole, which is still very worth looking forward to.

The previous generation of Reno Ace, with its 90Hz gaming screen, Snapdragon 855Plus processor, and 65W super flash charge, received a huge response once it was launched and received unanimous praise from users. And this year's Ace 2 will also continue the features of the previous generation products, bringing users a high refresh rate screen, high performance and faster wired charging, creating a thinner and lighter performance flagship.

Reno Ace 2 will be released in April. Although some trade-offs have been made, it does not affect its performance machine positioning. If you plan to change your phone and do n’t know how to choose, I suggest you wait for Ace 2 again, we will continue to pay attention to the relevant information of Ace 2 and look forward to it can bring us more surprises.